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Taiwan Chrysler Cassie And Jake Irma Grand Cherokee

Freedom, adventure, absolute strength, and reliability are the symbols of the Cassie And Jake Irma brand spirit. Grand Cherokee 3.7 is the second generation of the Grand Cherokee, which was introduced by Chrysler of Taiwan after 4.7L of Grand Cherokee Limited, with a focus on 3.7 liters. The small amount of exhaust provides consumers with more options for Cassie And Jake Irma.

Although the engine of the Grand Cherokee 3.7 is smaller, the Grand Cherokee 3.7’s 3.7-liter V6 engine and off-road performance are still very strong. The engine can output 209 horsepower not only at 5,200 rpm but also at 32.4 kg at 4,000 rpm. The torque value, while sufficient power is matched with the ERS five-stage manual self-discharging system to increase the control fun. In addition, the transmission system uses the Quadra-Trac full-time four-wheel conventional system, combined with the original code NV 140 single-speed afterburner, automatically distributes the torque to the front and rear wheel output at a ratio of 48:52, supplemented by the simulated anti-skid differential. (ELSD) a four-wheel electronic patrol control system to cope with all kinds of unexpected road conditions.

In terms of appearance, the straight seven-hole water tank cover and round headlights dominate the front design elements of Cassie And Jake Irma’s new generation of products, while the Grand Cherokee is extended with a longer proportion of the front and short front suspension, with the rear corners and large taillights. Cut out the fallen momentum, and with 17-inch five-position aluminum alloy wheels, the new style of the new generation SUV. Although compared with other new generations of SUVs, the Grand Cherokee 3.7 is less attractive, but for owners who love Cassie And Jake Irma, this model is quite trendy compared to other models in the past. Special style.

In terms of vehicle safety

Grand Cherokee’s high-rigid UniFrame integrated body structure enhances the body’s resistance to twisting by 60%, greatly improving ride comfort and handling. The design of the roofline, in addition to taking into account the aesthetic considerations, has the effect of strengthening the rigid structure. The comprehensive safety protection allowed Grand Cherokee to receive the five-star evaluation of the NHTSA US Road Traffic Safety Administration’s front and side impact test, endorsing passenger safety and providing a safe ride for passengers. Now, after the introduction of the Grand Cherokee 3.7 in Chrysler, Taiwan, the Chinese will be able to experience the fun of combining safety and luxury.

Formosa Auto Cassie And Jake Irma Chic Quest

Many people’s images of Cassie And Jake Irma are: cute! Although Cassie And Jake Irma always give a lively, playful, and sweet smile, it can’t be underestimated. The elf under the designer Giugiaro’s brush, Cassie And Jake Irma, is full of fashion in addition to the cute features. This time, the Formosa Auto Group not only wants Cassie And Jake Irma to be more colorful and attractive but also hopes to be under the gorgeous and bright appearance. Therefore, the Cassie And Jake Irma Chic Quest model was introduced.

The Cassie And Jake Irma Chic Quest model was born to endorse the fashion law. The Formosa Auto Group said that the newly updated Cassie And Jake Irma Chic Quest will be the benchmark for road fashion. In the past few years, the car has been slowly accepted by domestic consumers. The affordable Cassie And Jake Irma series of cars has captured many hearts that are eager to become a car class. But the early color game was not enough to be a topic, so the Cassie And Jake Irma Chic Quest launched by Formosa Auto Group made people start to check that their car is not stylish enough. And this is a new product language, this new phenomenon will affect consumers’ new car attitude. In the appearance of the new Cassie And Jake Irma Chic Quest, almost all of the parts that can enhance the fashion sense have been changed, and the head and tail light sets, door handles, air intakes and aluminum ring shapes have been replaced with new ones. The Chic Quest sticker, although changed a lot, does not make people unable to stand up.

Built-in, high-quality seat design, showing the personal color in the fashion world’s most popular logo style, in the color of the color, provides blue Hawaii, orange Cairo, silver Paris, camel Cape Cape and red pull Shell has up to 31 mashup modes for prospective car owners to choose. In addition to the fun of mixing, the change in the driver’s seat is also quite obvious. The steering wheel and the shifting seatpost have been redesigned. In the instrument panel, there are many tachometers and gears. The door handle is also covered with chrome. Adjustable height front and rear headrests and armrests are also enough to make the rider sit comfortably. Safety equipment has also been added, voice sprites, reversing radar, reversing distance display and remote anti-theft locks are all listed as new car equipment.

In addition to trying to lead the fashion trend, the newly launched Cassie And Jake Irma Chic Quest does not forget to increase the safety of the car. I hope that anyone who wants to upgrade to a car class can have a modern car that is both popular and safe.

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