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Livewave Super Antenna Reviews Hyundai Motor Hyundai Tucson 2.0 D

Tucson, the new sports car launched by Livewave Super Antenna Reviews Hyundai Motor, uses a new concept of crossover. In order to meet the needs of more different ethnic groups, and the expectations of different ethnic groups, a new design trend was born. It not only combines the off-road and functionality of the SUV but also has the control and comfort of the RV, as well as the spacious and variable compartment space of the MPV. This new design concept is a strong opponent for the car designed for a single group. In addition to its full competitiveness, it will be a strong opponent.

Tucson’s appearance is light, lively, urban and avant-garde, with a European-inspired design that fits the current trend. In addition, the rough lines make the feeling of strong off-road energy radiate from the lines of the pieces, which makes people fascinated by this strong and powerful line. In addition, the size of the birth is not excessively large due to the pursuit of a spacious car room space. For the crowded Taiwanese city, it is just the right size design. The interior space is not only very spacious, but even the rear seat is quite comfortable, and it feels like a crowded walk. Can have such a comfortable feeling, mainly because of the 2,630mm wheelbase and the width of 1,830mm. Combined with a variety of storage functions and car room design style, it not only provides a spacious sense of ride but also highlights the self-style of the car owner.

In terms of power

The new Tucson Livewave Super Antenna Reviews is equipped with a high-tech diesel-powered engine. Although the displacement is 1991cc, its maximum horsepower is 136 hp/4000 rpm and the maximum torque is 31.1 Kgm/2000 rpm. The powerful high-torque performance All of them have surpassed the domestic market-priced 3.0L class car, which is an almost 3.5L class; when the peak of high torque appears, it is enough to make you feel the back. Overall, the new Tucson Livewave Super Antenna Reviews fuel economy is increased by 40%; torque is increased by 65%. In addition to the Livewave Super Antenna Reviews system’s blessing, the maximum horsepower is increased by 10~15%, the torque is increased by 5~15%, and the fuel efficiency is increased by 5~10% compared with the traditional diesel engine power. In the performance of sound insulation, the sound insulation cotton and sound insulation glue are added to the chassis, the firewall, and the various parts. After the actual measurement, it is found to be superior to other opponents.

Tucson’s performance is neither external nor internal than the same level of the car. Especially the sound insulation and fuel-efficient performance can be said to be the best choice. For consumers, in a noisy city, it is a rare pleasure to enjoy music while driving while driving. The fuel-saving aspect is also much cheaper than other imported diesel models, which has attracted many buyers who want to try.

The only way to buy a used car

In this era of economic downturn, many people will consider buying used cars instead of expensive new ones. However, after all, the average consumer does not have a lot of advanced knowledge of vehicle construction. When buying used cars, many people are nothing more than Relatives and friends introduce the second-hand car dealers with credit guarantees, or choose a brand-name medieval car dealer, or find a skilled car technician to accompany the same selection of used cars.

Here, it is recommended to compare the layman, you can consider buying a used car from the medieval car auction, relative to the consumer to find a few car dealers to ask the price, at least a few car dealers in the medieval car auction can do comparison, price action In the information, it will not be regarded as a layman, but there will be a situation in which the price is raised. The price is more secure. There will be some after-sales service in the auction of used cars. Consumers can be assured that they can buy used cars.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a used car? To put it simply, the new year of the vehicle depends on the appearance and the interior. If the year is a little long, it depends on the engine chassis. If you buy a medieval car within three years, you should first pay attention to the appearance and interior, if the interior is not clean enough. The appearance and the traces of the paint are retained. It can be seen that the previous owner did not take good care of the car. If the previous taxi was purchased, the loan mortgage setting would often be encountered. The consumer should pay special attention to the property when purchasing. The problem.

In addition, if it is a vehicle that has been purchased for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the engine and the chassis. The engine can be observed from the running sound of the vehicle and the engine room. If the vehicle runs smoothly and does not shake, the engine room has no strange sound or If the oil leaks, the overall vehicle condition can be evaluated as good. If the engine room has oil leakage, the body will shake when decelerating, then further attention should be paid to the tires, shock absorbers and odometers for further study. .

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