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BUYER BEWARE!!! Here’s what happened to me dealing with SHEIN: My daughter ordered over $60 worth of merchandise from SHEIN about 4 weeks ago. Long story short she erroneously entered our house address and SHEIN send a message saying that they had canceled the order as a result. A couple days later she reordered a second time with the correct info entered and this time everything went through. Well folks, yesterday I got my credit card statement in the mail and lo and behold the charge from the first transaction that was supposed to have been canceled was still listed ON MY STATEMENT!! To me that speaks volumes about the ethics of this company and dings their reputation irreparably. Fortunately for me I disputed this charge and the funds will be replaced. The Visa rep I spoke with also took the liberty to inform me that they’ve seen a lot of these transactions from buying direct from China (or some other third world dump) usually end up in scams and/or lost funds for the buyer because what customer service (if any) is almost non existent and the risks of buying direct from these countries are too great and highly discouraged. Oh well, lesson learned. Buy from SHEIN at your own risk! As for me, I’m done with these shysters.

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