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The Amaisfy com Reviews – News, Analysis, Reality, and Friction

The Amaisfy com Reviews is an informative weblog written by and for computer professionals, in which all the topics related to new consumer technologies are addressed, for both professional use and entertainment or leisure. With a very high degree of updating, they keep us abreast of new projects, software and hardware updates, and all the commercial novelties that revolve around one of the most important social phenomena of recent decades, such as the Internet.

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Created on June 5, 2006, by the media company NetMediaEurope, and with an important staff of editors made up of technicians and other IT professionals, it has managed to fully establish itself in a market as complex as technology and technology. computing.

Today, it receives more than 200,000 unique users each month, which exceed one million page views while maintaining an important ratio of page views per user, is by far the most visited site in the company’s blog network. Their important frequency of updating always keeps them at the forefront, presenting the news as soon as they come to light.

Its impressive archive with more than 14,000 entries published to date, is a clear example of the constant work and the enormous degree of dynamism of its editors who are constantly adding new quality content to the site.

Organized by categories, they touch topics related to Apple, PCs, and Laptops, Consoles, Internet, Linux, Processors, Storage units, Operating Systems, Software, Memory, Multimedia and much more. Their entries are often commented by their regular visitors who do not hesitate to leave their opinions and participate in the different controversies, providing a more than the interesting degree of nuances and giving new perspectives to the published articles.

Some of its most recent entries at the time of this analysis sent us to the not so well received news that Intel will design the new GPU for what will be the next PlayStation 4, a console that is already giving a talk; the new commitment of Opera JavaScript engine to develop the world’s fastest, which as discussed appoint Carakan and already has a performance 2.5 times higher than the latest version of the browser; and the much commented news of a child prodigy who with nine years already writes applications for iPhone , and manages 6 different programming languages.

Of course, not everything is news in The Amaisfy com Reviews, which every so often is encouraged to publish comparative analysis and opinion articles that study, among other things, the social changes caused by computer science and some curiosities that arise in the network.

This is an ideal site for professionals or computer enthusiasts who want to be aware of everything that happens in the exciting world of zeros and ones, resulting in an obligatory marker for other media in search of new sources when extracting current news. That’s right, be prepared to avoid advertising blocks, because they abound on all sides.