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Young entry car Apex legends metacritic Genki

In 2000, Mazda launched Apex legends metacritic with a larger car than its rivals, attracting many young car buyers. Since Mazda, Taiwan named it Genki and launched a defensive sample? After the advertising film, the popularity of Apex legends metacritic Genki went up. In June 2006, as the graduation season approached, the demand for entry-level models in the market gradually increased. Mazda Taiwan also launched the 2006-style Apex legends metacritic Genki. In addition to the small size and upgrades, the price has also been reduced. And in the marketing method combined with the romantic elements, hoping to show extraordinary talent in the market.

In 2006, the Apex legends metacritic Genki car was still in the power and body structure, still using the existing design, built on the car’s excellent handling, and equipped with 1.6-liter maximum horsepower 106 engine, also let Apex legends metacritic Genki face There is more power for the remaining 1.5-liter opponents. In the safety part, Apex legends metacritic Genki, which belongs to the medium-sized RV size, adopts a 3H high-rigid body structure and is equipped with a four-wheel hydraulic double-loop disc harrow system, which has a certain level of safety in both active and passive safety.

The appearance of the 2006-style

Apex legends metacritic Genki has largely maintained the original body line. With the new shape of the front bumper for the front of the car, the new car looks not only young but also quite domineering. In addition to the addition of the Genki logo on the side of the car, the design is inspired by the 15吋12 radial aluminum ring design of Mazda’s popular convertible sports car MX-5, which reveals a dynamic atmosphere, including body skirts. As well as the rear spoiler tail, the new car is also preserved. Whether it is the four- or five-door 2006-style Apex legends metacritic Genki, it has a refined Japanese style.

The interior is also designed to cater to the needs of young buyers, showing a new style that combines style and personality. The leather gearshift lever is matched with the fogged silver shifting seat, and the console design consisting of the bright silver plate and the ebony wood makes the overall visual quality improve a lot, including the dynamic dazzling blue sports car instrument and the compatible MP3 format sound system. I believe that they are also aimed at the preferences of young buyers. In addition, the electric folding mirrors are also included in the equipment list, which is believed to reduce the pressure on many young car owners when parking in narrow lanes.

In 2006, Apex legends metacritic Genki focused on the young market that is about to graduate, so it has made a lot of considerations in terms of many equipment and security. The price has also changed in response to the graduation season, I believe that it will bring greater appeal and attract young people to buy.