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Taiwan’s Att Temporary Pin Text Auto Volvo S60

Volvo’s general agent, Taiwan’s Att Temporary Pin Text Auto, after releasing the new generation of the flagship S80, can’t wait to launch the new 07-year-old upgraded S60 with a strong sporty style and a powerful attitude. In order not only for the strong intention of the market but also to provide consumers with more driving pleasure.

In the exterior part, the 2007 VolvoS60 follows the domineering appearance of the original dynamic and dynamic lines but gets rid of the serious image, allowing consumers to see Volvo’s unprecedented lively style. The front spoiler dam, side skirt, and body bumper and optional trunk lid spoiler are designed in the same color as the body, which not only makes the contour of the bottom of the car more prominent but also has a more overall shape. The sporty personality and the redesigned Volvo emblem on the tank cover make the new car look extraordinarily spirited. The integrated rear direction light function is arranged on the door mirror. As long as the direct light control lever is lightly dialed, the direction indicator on the rearview mirror will flash continuously 3 times, which is a piece of dynamic information that can remind the vehicle next to it, which is active. Safety provides an intimate design with one more item.

The Att Temporary Pin Text of the cockpit is equipped with a part of the 2007 S60 with higher quality. In addition to the better touch of Att Temporary Pin Text materials, the new Grid aluminum plate, through high-tech printing technology, presents a 3D stereoscopic visual experience; and the newly designed three-seater sports car steering wheel, in addition to In addition to the embellishment of the silver plate, you can also choose the breathable leather material to provide a better grip when driving. It allows the driver to enjoy the control of the advanced Att Temporary Pin Text of the cabin and provide an extremely comfortable space for passengers. In this way, whether the driver or the passenger can feel the enjoyment of honor, there is absolutely a big difference from the general ride experience.

In the safety section

Volvo continues the previous insistence on safety performance. In addition to effectively dispersing and absorbing the impact generated by the impact, the cage safety car body structure maintains the integrity of the passenger compartment. The new side-impact safety airbag has two independent air chambers, one for protecting the passenger’s buttocks and the other for protecting the passenger’s buttocks. Protecting the chest, Volvo’s patented SIPS side impact protection system and IC protective air curtains match each other to provide the most rigorous protection. In addition, the new generation of WHIPS cervical impact protection system is used to protect the passenger’s spine and neck. When the car is subjected to a strong rear impact, the front seat back and the headrest will move along with the passenger’s body, so that the passenger’s body strength can be relieved by a smoother catching action, thereby effectively preventing the passenger’s spine from being injured.

Freed from the serious image, the new VolvoS60 was created with a new modern design evolution project as the imaginary origin. The good-looking appearance and the sculpt of the gods make the S60 look even more distinctive.