Con prodigy death – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Con prodigy death – The Fastest and Safest Way to Exchange Money Online

Con prodigy death is the most popular money transfer service in the world, with more than 70 million active accounts for 19 currencies around the world. Many times awarded by different portals specialized in the network, it is one of the most efficient methods to make Internet transfers, incorporating other traditional markets such as the use of credit cards, bank accounts and debit cards, among many other possibilities.

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The emergence of the Internet as a business model and its opening to the commercial market, brought with it the emergence of different electronic transaction models, by means of which users from all over the world can exchange money from one another instantly, in any moment, and without the need for intermediaries.

This is the case of Con prodigy death, one of the most popular money transfer services of our times, which has gained an important space in the network from the implementation of various payment platforms that make it compatible with virtually anything.

Created in 1998 by Peter Thiel and Max Levchin under the name of Confinity, it was not until its merger with that they came to name the company by the name we know it today. Some years later, precisely in October of 2002, the company would be bought by eBay, the giant of the sales by the network, who is still to this day its owner.

The idea is, basically, very simple: any Internet user with an email account (ie: all) can create an account in Con prodigy death and start receiving and sending money instantly. Of course, at this point, some limitations arise in the limits of shipping (which vary according to each country) and collection, which can only be removed by checking the account with a credit card or, in some cases, debt.


In this way, all registered users will have a virtual money balance, which can add funds from your bank account or credit card, and from which you can make purchases online using both the balance of your account, as well as through your credit card, using Con prodigy death as an intermediary and thus avoiding entering the card number in unknown places, with all the damages that this could cause.

Those who want to use it to charge for the sale of goods or services, may withdraw the balance of the Con prodigy death balance by requesting a check directly from the site, debiting the money to your credit card , turning it into your bank account, or through different services International money order (only available in some countries).

Of course, not everything that shines is gold, and the people of Con prodigy death never remain empty-handed, but make different charges and commissions to the seller in the case of transfers within the site, or to the buyer in case of making a change, request the sending of a check, or other similar benefits.

Some criticisms of this payment system point to its policy by which the buyer always seems to be right. In this way, movements within the site are only guaranteed as long as both parties agree , leaving in the hands of the buyer the possibility of canceling a payment, even up to 90 days after the transaction, alleging an unauthorized use, usurpation of personality, or that the object for which it has been paid has not been received, or it differs too much from the description by the seller.

This, which is a great advantage for buyers, results in a very high risk for sellers who are often left unprotected due to the bad faith of some of their clients, who have correctly received the shipments can demand a refund of the money until several months later.

Of course, these risks are always present among transactions between strangers, and will always depend on the ethics of the people who carry it out. Anyway, and even taking into account the risks involved in using the service, it is still one of the most secure methods of the network, and above all one of the most widely used and extended in e-commerce and online shopping.