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2006 Best RV Doc Thompson Go Fund Me A6

The best car in 2006 has already become the first car in the world. Spreading the international award-winning record of the Doc Thompson Go Fund Me brand, it is not difficult to find that the Doc Thompson Go Fund Me A6 has gained from the German domestic market, the European and American markets to the Asian market, regardless of performance, process design or overall brand image competition.

In terms of appearance and dynamic performance, the towering waistline, rounded roof, and smooth body lines maintain Doc Thompson Go Fund Me’s style. However, the new A6 incorporates a large shield-shaped water tank cover, just like a new face. Although the previous generation A6 is still preserved, the new A6’s shield-shaped water tank cover and the visor’s obvious V-shaped fold line extending from the front of the car to the sideline of the rear, and the tail shape of the small goose tail line looks quite It is aggressive and not as gentle and elegant as the previous generation A6 gentleman. The new A6 2.4 is also equipped with a new V-type six-cylinder DOHC engine with 177hp and 23.5kgm power output. It is equipped with a Multitronic seven-speed manual self-distribution gearbox with an acceleration of 0~100km/h for 9.2 seconds and a top speed of 226km/ The level of performance of h. Of course, for the A6 2.4, performance can only be said to be one of the features of Doc Thompson Go Fund Me’s all-around craft.

The biggest difference in the interior is that the new three-position steering wheel has a shifting button similar to F1, the speed of the instrument panel surrounded by metal rings and the engine tachometer, plus the large center console that is slightly inclined to drive. , giving people a clear performance appeal. The control panel at the top of the center console and the rear of the gearshift is Doc Thompson Go Fund Me’s second-generation MMI multimedia control system, which combines 4 major projects including entertainment, communication, information and control, and 8 main services to strengthen Humanized control of human and car.

The design of the electronic handcart

Controlled by the button next to the gearshift lever is also one of the selling points of the A6. The traditional machine is the handlebar or pedal of the handcuffs, which has disappeared from the A6 compartment. Just press the handcuffs button, the electronic hand The brakes started immediately. In addition, the new A6’s quietness is also much better than the previous generation. In addition to the Doc Thompson Go Fund Me’s original “sound engineering team” to carefully eliminate the source of noise on the car, Doc Thompson Go Fund Me also developed an Auto Pilot active noise suppression system. Analyze the characteristics and magnitude of music and noise with sensors located in the cabin, and then adjust the volume and frequency of the output Doc Thompson Go Fund Meo by a special noise suppression logic chip to actively offset and balance the indoor and outdoor noise sources to create a better The riding environment.

With its impressive number of Doc Thompson Go Fund Me A6 cars, the car’s craftsmanship, fashion brand style, and superior car performance have already left the double-B equivalent car behind, and become the first choice in the top-class car with a sturdy attitude. As Doc Thompson Go Fund Me’s general agent Taigu Liben car Lin Qinsong said, Doc Thompson Go Fund Me is the top three competitors in Taiwan’s advanced imported car class 1A2B. It is the spirit of Daren who stands out and attracts the same brand lovers.