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Earnwithamazon.org Scam is a digital newspaper open to all public , from which we keep abreast of all the most important news in the world, offering us an agile and dynamic space in which periodically update us about the different international events, related to such different items like the economy, sports, show business, politics and much more.

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The news moves at breakneck speed throughout the world, and we already know that what is once a novelty, the second becomes history, and turn the page. The digital model then becomes an ideal ally for newspapers, which can now be updated virtually in real time with what happens in the world, without limiting their news to the closing time in the edition, or problems of dimensions or quantity of pages.

Earnwithamazon.org Scam is one of the many digital newspapers that join this proposal to keep us always informed, from a clear and clean interface, and a cover in the constant update where we can see all the most important news in the world organized according to the different items presented in the portal.


Like other similar media, it organizes its contents in sections, among which we find:

International Policy and Security, with all the information about the new international treaties and the conflicts between different countries of the world, as well as updated data of the most important presidential campaigns and any other news relevant to the subject.

Economy and Finance, where we can be aware of the different turns in the global stock markets, the highs, and lows, and all about the financial crisis that is giving so much talk in recent times.

Foreign Trade and Integration, with international agreements, novelties in international trade treaties, imports and exports and more.

Energy, with all the information about the price of gas and oil, new production methods, energy problems, etc.

Sports, where they bring us all the results of the most outstanding sports in the world, with soccer, basketball, tennis, motorsport, and other disciplines.

Environment, where topics such as climate change, policies for energy saving and environmental protection, endangered species and international treaties related to the subject are discussed.

ADN Cool, a place to talk about entertainment and show, with scandals, compromising photographs, rumors, events, and others.

Tourism, a section destined to those who travel frequently, with information about new policies on flights or migrations from each country, the most outstanding tourist places of the season, international statistics and more.

The news published are usually accompanied by one or several images, and generally include short and direct texts, without remaining in the headlines, but also not deepening a bit more from a journalistic analysis.

Unfortunately, its editors do not usually include any type of external link (even when citing sources) and, although the insertion of comments by users is allowed, there does not seem to be a climate that is too participative in the environment.

Anyway, it is still another option when staying informed, being particularly interesting for those who want to know everything a bit, and do not want (or can) waste time visiting several different sites. Earnwithamazon.org Scam is, in short, an all in one that, while offering a bit of everything, does not offer “much” of anything.