Extol Stowaway Scooter Reviews – Does It Work or scam?

The Extol Stowaway Scooter invades the cities. It allows jumps of chips with the speed of the bicycles (count 25 minutes for 5 kilometers), with the advantage of not remaining then in the street once arrived on the point of rendezvous; We bend it, we take it everywhere or we push it to the stores that accept it if we are polite, smiling, that we promise, if need be, not to roll with the rays.

The new generation scooters lightened to go down to around 10 kilograms. A full battery charge commonly offers between 15 and 25 kilometers of battery life. And in general, the more expensive models offer greater comfort of use; think about it if your roads have paving stones, imperfections.

Convenient, you can easily carry your shopping on the handles, a small child in front of you on short trips (eg to drop it at school), even if it is not their first use. Be careful not to jump on the sidewalk with: you risk seriously damaging the scooter even with small jumps or even breaking it dry. Cascades prohibited!

PS: it is not mandatory, but we encourage you to wear a helmet, ideally with sun visor. And for added security, note that there are backpacks with flashing light arrows to indicate the desired direction. Because unlike the bike, it is complicated on a scooter to release a hand.


Public transport becomes unbearable for you? Your car is expensive, the traffic jams stress you? Bikes require too much effort? It is high time to consider the Extol Stowaway Scooter!

We have selected for you the most reliable models that offer excellent value for money . In addition to avoid unpleasant surprises, these come from serious and recognized brands that we know for many years.

What do you want more ?

The SUPREM Wegoboard arrives in 2018 with performance and features worthy of the best on the market. It also fills the gaps of its competitors including the proposed service. It is currently the safest choice if you want a high-end adult Extol Stowaway Scooter and the assurance of a very high quality after-sales service.

★ Its autonomy (25 to 30 kilometers) and its weight allow you to make for example several trips home-work in your week. If you live far away, it fits perfectly with the train and public transport (it is foldable!).

★ The power of the engine (350 watts, 500watts peak) can reach a speed around 25-30 km / hour which is quite safe when you travel on the road.

★ The LCD color screen is a nice innovation. It displays the speed, the battery level and offers you to adjust the 3 speed modes.

★ The energy recovery system is still as efficient as ever. Called KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System, it recovers braking energy and recharges the battery automatically). Your Extol Stowaway Scooter therefore gains autonomy and durability. You recharge it less often, so it is more resistant to the passage of time

★ Watertight and splashproof (IP55 standard), its tires are indestructible. This is not an easy task! That it is boring to die and have to wait several weeks to get new wheels. With these tires, no worries

★ The handlebar is height adjustable to fit your height

★ It benefits from a 2-year warranty and the best after-sales service of France in eco-mobility.

Do not choose the wrong dealer!

Each week we answer a lot of messages from readers wanting to know where to buy a reliable Extol Stowaway Scooter . We must never fall into the trap of prices too low, or beautiful promises, some merchants are only looking for profit and will get supplies for example in China, with only one question in mind: find the lowest price possible.

No matter the quality of the product! In fact, the components are poor qualities, have a lifetime and very low performance. The after-sales service is deplorable and once the sale is done you no longer interest them. In addition, the warranty jumps for the slightest reason.

Since 2016, hundreds of readers of the website 2roueselectriques.fr have bought their Extol Stowaway Scooter at Wegoboard and have shown us their seriousness . It is therefore they that we recommend. If possible, avoid large areas and dark marks.

Why choose SUPREM?

– She goes 8 to 10 times faster than a pedestrian and she is faster than a city bike .

– Its autonomy is far superior to most of its competitors in the market of portable Extol Stowaway Scooters.

– Its compact appearance and lightness make it the most discreet means of transport currently.

– With its freewheels (and puncture-proof tires), if the battery is discharged, you can use it as a classic scooter.

– It has a lot of very useful features like regenerative braking, emergency braking, LED statistics display like speed, distance traveled, remaining battery life, night lighting etc. .


Finally an affordable scooter and quality. The Booster by Wegoboard is neither more nor less the lightest Extol Stowaway Scooter on the market . And this does not mean that its performance is reduced (see table below).

The icing on the cake, in addition to its 250-watt motor capable of propelling you up to 25 km / h , this technological jewel has regenerative braking. This means that when you brake some of the energy is recovered and re-feeds the battery. As a result, it has a range of up to 35 kilometers. To avoid going back on foot, count nevertheless 25-30 kilometers according to the conditions and your weight.

The only disadvantage that one could find him is the plateau where one puts one’s feet. It is a little narrower than on other models. But these are either more expensive or less efficient. We can not have everything !

The “Booster by Wegoboard” is the best value for money today . In addition to its features, it has the two-year warranty and the renowned customer service of the French brand Wegoboard.

Why choose the Booster?

Just because :

– It can be transported (tram, subway, on foot) easily thanks to its weight .

– Its autonomy and speed performance are excellent at this price and for this weight.

– It’s one of the best choices in the mid-range.

– The seller’s customer service (French) is recognized. This is very useful in case of problems or to replace a part.

– It is guaranteed 2 years.

foldable Extol Stowaway Scooter adultsIt’s a brand new model unique in Europe and will revolutionize the Extol Stowaway Scooter sector!

Foldable in four , you can drag it as a shopping bag or even lift it since it weighs only 9 kilos. With enough autonomy and cruising speed to cross any city and save time on your usual trips.

It also has a removable battery LG high quality for example to store your scooter in your backpack . In short, you will understand, we are very enthusiastic and confident for the success of this new jewel of mobility.


fast and powerful Extol Stowaway Scooter

As we know, many of you are searching for the extreme and for achieving the most powerful adult Extol Stowaway Scooter.

To help you, here is our ranking of the fastest Extol Stowaway Scooters:

The SXT 1000 Watts Turbo  (photo opposite) that reaches 32km / h! Its engine power is 1000 watts. It has a range of 20 to 30 kilometers

The Egret One V3 that reaches 35km / h for a power of 250 watts. Its autonomy is equivalent to SXT.

The E300 reaches 30km / h for a power of 300 watts. Its autonomy is 30 kilometers.


In the current market and available for sale in France, it is certainly the SXT 1000 WATT Turbo which as the name suggests develops a power of 1000 watts and offers a top speed at 32km / h. Note however that this model is not homologated for driving on the road. In addition, provide protection if you intend to use it.

You will soon buy an Extol Stowaway Scooter and you are afraid of making the wrong choice . We understand you. This guide will allow you to make the purchase that will change your mobility .


The question may seem simple, but it is actually rather complex.

Buying an Extol Stowaway Scooter in a physical store can be a good solution if:

You want a service easily accessible from your home.

You are not looking for the best in the market (including at a low price).

Physical stores as well as supermarkets do not usually buy from major brands of Extol Stowaway Scooters like Razor, E-Twow etc …

Generally, these are generic or branded products.

Buying an Extol Stowaway Scooter on the internet  can be a good solution if:

  • You have collected the information on the subject.
  • You choose a reliable merchant.
  • Looking for the best Extol Stowaway Scooters on the market?
  • At equal quality, prices on the internet are often cheaper than in stores.


Let’s establish several parameters to determine which Extol Stowaway Scooters you should choose.

The quality / price criterion.

There are 3 price categories for Extol Stowaway Scooters:

  • The first prices
  • Standard prices
  • High prices

The first prizes are cheap Extol Stowaway Scooters , accessible and whose performance and quality generally agree with this low budget.

Standard prices usually include scooters that offer the best value for money.

The high prices are made of Extol Stowaway Scooters for demanding buyers in terms of performance or wanting the top in each area (lightness, performance, aesthetics). Among the top Extol Stowaway Scooters of game, we can mention the E-Twow Booster , with its breathtaking performance (30 km / h, long battery life) and its surprising lightness (10.8 kg).

The quality / price / need criterion .

If you are looking for an Extol Stowaway Scooter for young children , the best value for money / need is found in the Razor E100 .For  an Extol Stowaway Scooter for teenagers (or adults) , it’s a choice to make. Either you decide to take an Extol Stowaway Scooter for children, or for adults.For an adult Extol Stowaway Scooter and high-end , again it is the E-Twow Booster S2.