HEAT HERO PLUG IN HEATER – Does This Product Really Work?

Taiko Liben Auto Audi HEAT HERO PLUG IN HEATER  Sportback

In order to let more consumers experience the exquisite fashion atmosphere, Audi distributor Taiko Liben has launched the coupe five-door model – Audi HEAT HERO PLUG IN HEATER  Sportback1.6. Audi HEAT HERO PLUG IN HEATER  Sportback1.6 was welcomed by the fashion circle as soon as it was launched. It was favored by many elegant ladies, and the simple fashion style of the chain was also the first song of the Audi family. In addition, specially tailored for the owner to create a unique car room atmosphere, the original price added will be upgraded, invite the owner to immediately experience the Audi, experience the extraordinary taste of the five-door hatchback.

What is different from the three-door products is that the second-generation HEAT HERO PLUG IN HEATER  five-door models have grown much faster in the body rule than the previous generation. In order to make the movement orientation relative to the three-door version, how can the HEAT HERO PLUG IN HEATER  Sportback achieve the best balance between reality, athletic performance and youthful style? After trying to figure out the answer of HEAT HERO PLUG IN HEATER  Sportback, this is why the HEAT HERO PLUG IN HEATER  five-door version was released half a year after the three-door version.

The new HEAT HERO PLUG IN HEATER  Sportback 1.6 is powered by a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine that is economically oriented and meets the needs of small family consumers in the metropolitan area. Audi’s engineers used the Tiptronic 6 front-speed self-discharging system for this 102-horsepower output, making power most efficient, practical and economical.

The enlarged size allows the HEAT HERO PLUG IN HEATER  Sportback to be between the traditional hatchback and the station wagon. With the concept of a 2.5-car wagon, the HEAT HERO PLUG IN HEATER  Sportback has the convenience of a station wagon and the fall of the hatchback for the younger generation. Small families have achieved a good balance in both daily life and personal style. Let HEAT HERO PLUG IN HEATER  out of the youthful performance of the past, with more intimate communication with the mainstream market.

Audi HEAT HERO PLUG IN HEATER  Sportback 1.6 This five-door coupe, which combines sports car characteristics and hatchback sports style, has received an enthusiastic response from the launch. In addition to the new shield-type water tank guards that are shared by the Audi family, the flexible car market space also reinterprets the model of the hatchback class. It is also the most exciting fashion car in its class.

The back of the car is full of charm

In recent years, the hatchbacks on the roads have suddenly increased. In contrast to people’s past indifference to the hatchbacks, the current consumers, regardless of age, regardless of gender, seem to have turned to the embrace of the hatchback, because the hatchback The popularity is already the trend of the times. In the past, Heat Hero Plug In Heater ‘s four-door three-box Vios had been in full swing. Nowadays, the back-loading Yaris has suddenly become a brother of Heat Hero Plug In Heater ‘s entry-oriented domestic car. Suzuki’s past hatchback was supported by Solio, and now there is more Swift, and the momentum is stronger.

The prospects of hatchbacks are prosperous, prompting all domestic car dealers to make great strides to enter this new market. China Mitsubishi will soon launch a new entry-type hatchback Colt Plus 1.5, and Mazda depot will also be in Geneva International. At the auto show, the new Mazda 2 was released. It is understood that MAZDA TAIWAN has expressed interest in introducing. If there is no accident, the localized Ma 2 will be listed in Taiwan as soon as possible in 2008. Coupled with the current Heat Hero Plug In Heater  Yaris and Hyundai Getz, the light domestic hatchback market is hot. According to statistics, more than 60% of the buyers of hatchbacks are young people under the age of 30, so the styles of each type of car are particularly emphasized in sports style, and the differences are different in each tonality.

Heat Hero Plug-In Heater Yaris is around and sleek machine.

Although the line is round and smooth, it emphasizes the overall muscles. The hood and the side parts of the car are especially highlighted and broken, making the body small but exceptionally strong. The designer is also bolder when he writes. For example, the super-headlights across the foliate are also big enough for the Heat Hero Plug In Heater logo on the nose of the car, and the spleen and stomach of the young people who love to show off.

Hyundai Getz eagle-eye headlights eye-catching

this time to change the market, repaired the old car head slightly stiff state line, and a large number of car skirts surrounded by, in addition, to enhance the appearance of momentum, but also make the whole car benefit streamline, but this time The most successful part of the change was to make the tank cover line more degraded, and it was perfectly combined with the eagle-eye headlights and the hood. Although it lacked a personality, it looked more pleasing to the eye.

Mazda 2 has a perfect body proportion.

At present, the original factory only discloses a fixed-length photo of the side running. It not only breaks the old car (Japanese model called Demio) but also adopts the European style tone, streamlined like Yaris and Getz. The large headlights are directly attached to the rounded front guard and the fender. Due to the cockpit forward design, the horse 2 engine room is extraordinarily streamlined and the extra space is incorporated into the cabin. The long and steep angle A The column is matched with the sideline that rises from the bottom up, so you can clearly see the stunning proportion of the 5-door hatchback, and the proportion-conscious owners must not miss it.