Hovizza Bra Reviews: Invisible Full Cup T-shirt Bra

We believe that every wardrobe is built from the bottom up. Yes by saying bottom, we apparently mean the foundation garments. And when it comes to undergarments, a T-shirt bra is a staple in almost all women’s lingerie draw. Bras are referred as “delicates” for a reason. The Hovizza Bra  Invisible Full Cup T-shirt Bra (product code: CN-3261) is one such delicate, which is all about support and comfort, creating a subtle appearance. This soft, seamless and contoured masterpiece is also amazingly comfortable and is a sure thing for any wardrobe. Read on to know more!

Hovizza Bra Design and Feel:

The Hovizza Bra  T-Shirt Bra comes in a velvety finish with flawless looks and is a real bliss to wear. Featuring a seamless style, the full cup coverage provides a rigid support. This underwired, unpadded bra comes with both two and three rear hook fasteners depending on the size, providing that extra support. The lightweight seamless cups make the bra to simply vanish underneath the outfits. The double spaghetti straps blends with the soft cups generating a natural-looking fullness thus accentuating your sexy curves and still manages to give you that complete seamless look beneath any clothing. The Hovizza Bra  t-shirt bra also takes care of the body hugging attires with providing discreet support to the bust, as this bra is all about angles and soft lines making it barely visible even with the thinnest of blouses.

Check out the subtle bow at the central gore that only you or a special someone can be aware of. The Hovizza Bra  also gives you the option to be worn strapless, making it perfect for those thin-fabric gowns. Connecting the optional straps gives you additional alternatives of alternating the straps positions to Close Set (Y back), Crossed or Normal.

The material used in this bra is engineered to address basic needs – a combination of Polyester, Polyamide and Elastene helps to wick moisture away from the skin leaving you fresh and dry. There is a reason for calling it a T-shirt bra, as they tend to eliminate and minimize hideous sweat marks.

Hovizza Bra Available Colours & Sizes:

The Hovizza Bra  is available in four colours namely Ivory, Black, Skin, and White and comes in sizes 30E to 30H, 32E to 32H, 34E to 34H, 36E to 36G, 38E, F and 40E.


One glance at the Hovizza Bra  T-Shirt Bra helps you recognize its latest redesign, a combination of the age old features along with new innovation and the exemplary features all right here – smooth angles with discreet colors along with ideal support in the bargain. This T-shirt bra is a blend of perfect shaping along with suitable materials being used that help creates a bra that is totally au courant in style, not to mention the natural-looking enhancement that adds to the demure opacity.