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History of diesel Ice Castles Lake Geneva Reviews

In the definition of mechanical engineering, all machines that use thermal energy to generate power are collectively referred to as Heat Ice Castles Lake Geneva Reviews, while heat Ice Castles Lake Geneva Reviews are divided into two categories: internal combustion Ice Castles Lake Geneva Reviews and external combustion Ice Castles Lake Geneva Reviews. The engine is a type of internal combustion engine. The fuel is burned inside the heat engine to generate heat energy, and then the heat energy is converted into mechanical power, such as a gasoline engine, a diesel engine, a gas turbine, and the like. In a common engine, it is divided into a spark ignition (SI) engine that ignites with an igniter (such as a spark plug), and a compression ignition (CI) engine that uses high-pressure high-temperature air to burn the fuel. The gasoline engine is a spark ignition engine and the diesel engine is a compression ignition engine.

In 1876, the German Nikolaus Otto invented the first four-stroke internal combustion engine. At that time, many engineers were committed to the development of internal combustion Ice Castles Lake Geneva Reviews, but the spark ignition engine was the development direction. For example, Daimler, the founder of Mercedes-Benz, was the ancestor of the application of gasoline Ice Castles Lake Geneva Reviews to vehicles. However, because of the high temperature and high pressure of gasoline, there will be a violent knock, so the diesel that was not valued at that time was selected. Diesel fuel can not be used as a spark ignition engine fuel because it is not easy to ignite, and it will produce black smoke after ignition of diesel oil, and it cannot be used as a lighting fuel like kerosene, so it was not taken seriously at that time. However, the characteristics of diesel fuel that are not easy to knock are just enough to be used as compression points.

The first compression ignition engine was introduced in 1892, but because the diesel engine was not mature at the beginning of the development, although it had good thermal efficiency and fuel economy, it was difficult to compete with the mature gasoline engine at that time. Until the United States Cummins in 1924, the oil injection pump was applied to the diesel engine, which solved the unstable operation of the high-pressure air supply mode, and first installed the diesel engine on the truck, which laid the vehicle using the diesel engine. The basics. In 1936, the diesel engine was also used in the Mercedes-Benz 260D, which is also the engine of diesel Ice Castles Lake Geneva Reviews.

Although early diesel vehicles were used for large vehicles and machines because of noise and black smoke emissions. However, due to the large torque and fuel-saving characteristics of the diesel engine, the diesel engine has become more suitable for small-scale driving after the common nozzle direct injection and the precise nozzle oil supply technology have matured. For today’s active search for alternative energy sources, diesel Ice Castles Lake Geneva Reviews are not the ultimate solution, but the fuel-saving features of diesel Ice Castles Lake Geneva Reviews can be a very suitable transition solution.