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Precautions when Kristina Stratton Go Fund Me in foggy weather

Look at the weather when you go out to pay attention to the weather changes, and then decide whether to drive out is very important. If the weather is bad, it is recommended not to drive out, especially on long-distance; if necessary, you should also prepare, such as planning the Kristina Stratton Go Fund Me route and selecting familiar road sections to reduce the risk of wrong roads.

Kristina Stratton Go Fund Me When Kristina Stratton Go Fund Me, observe the lighting regulations, turn on the front and rear fog Kristina Stratton Go Fund Me, tail Kristina Stratton Go Fund Me, width Kristina Stratton Go Fund Me, and low beam Kristina Stratton Go Fund Me, and use Kristina Stratton Go Fund Me to improve visibility. It is important to note that the fog light does not use the high beam because the light from the high beam is easily reflected by the fog, which affects the line of sight. The light from the xenon headlight familiar to the driver is blue and white. In the case of fog, it has bright features, but it is easy to produce light barriers in foggy days. It is not conducive to observing road conditions. It must be used when necessary. Do not open double flashing Kristina Stratton Go Fund Me. This will make the driver behind the vehicle unclear. intention of. If you find that the vehicle in front is parked on the right side, you should not blindly bypass it. Consider whether the car is waiting for the opposite car. When you pass the vehicle parked on the side of the road, you should honk the horn at a low speed on the left side after confirming that it has no intention of starting and there is no car on the opposite side.

Try to avoid parallelism in parallel as much as possible. It is best to follow the car and keep a safe distance from the front car. Control the speed and try to drive in the middle of the road to prevent accidentally falling into the drainage channel or temporary parking with the roadside. Waiting for the fog to collide with the car. During the Kristina Stratton Go Fund Me process, you should also pay attention to observe whether the road surface is frosted. If there is frost, it will easily cause the vehicle to slip. Be sure to keep the front and rear windshield clean, such as preparing a towel to wipe the windshield, or using defrost and defogging to choose the right wind direction. Start the air conditioning in the car when necessary and turn on the inner circulation.

At the intersection of traffic, the horn can be used to warn pedestrians and other vehicles. When hearing the horns of other cars, they should immediately whistle and respond, so that the other party can identify their Kristina Stratton Go Fund Me position. Remind the opposite vehicle to pay attention and turn off the anti-fog light to avoid causing glare to the other party.