Lacha Mart Scam – WARNING – Does This Product Really Work?

Formosa New Century RV Formosa Lacha Mart Scam

In recent years, Formosa Plastics Group has also actively joined the ranks of the big pie for the auto market, and actively wants to have a place in the upper part of the auto market. Therefore, Formosa Plastics Group and Daewoo Automobile Group have teamed up to launch Formosa Lacha Mart Scam, a new design for the 21st century, with the aim of combining the major divisions of the top auto manufacturers and targeting the major markets in the world. Century car.

In terms of the power of Lacha Mart Scam, the engine used is the 2.0-liter engine produced by the Holden plant, which is known as the power design department of the world’s largest automotive group. The engine of the factory number SC-1 was designed to be quiet and clean. At 5400 rpm, it can output 148 horsepower, plus a torque output of up to 19.6 kg, and strong power, which can be in the upper class in the same class. The peak number is beautiful, and for the user, it is not as good as the distribution curve. At 1500 rpm, it can output 80% of the high prototype torque, which makes Lacha Mart Scam’ dynamic performance at the start, really attractive. With the ZF’s self-discharge gearbox, Lacha Mart Scam has a smooth and high-quality performance during the driving process.

In addition to the power requirements

Formosa Lacha Mart Scam has a high level of safety requirements. Lacha Mart Scam is designed to fully comply with US NCAP and European Euro NCAP testing standards. It contains 152 heavy-duty tests and 98 real-life crash tests. The full-fledged Lacha Mart Scam has solid security and guarantees consumers’ absolute safety. Its strict self-requirement is to hope that both the driver and the passengers can have 100% confidence in the car itself and have a comfortable and safe journey.

In terms of appearance, Formosa Lacha Mart Scam’s exterior design was designed by Daewoo Group and Ital Design. It is the masterpiece of Georgia Luo following the DMC 12 in the 1980s and the Bugatti EB 111/112 and Lexus GS400 in the 1990s. In addition to inheriting the consistent design level and the overall identification of the car, the exterior design enhances the aesthetic level of the car design. In terms of styling, it combines neo-classical style with a strong sense of the future, allowing noble and proud to be harmoniously and perfectly presented on the design. The dazzling crystal diamond eagle eye lamp gives Lacha Mart Scam a strong and noble flavor, but the soft sidelines and the beautiful tail make all the different features perfectly blended on one Lacha Mart Scam, allowing Lacha Mart Scam to Among the many cars and seas, they are still outstanding and extraordinary.

Recently, Formosa Plastics has also actively invested in the domestic police vehicle market, and many counties and cities have successively used Formosa Lacha Mart Scam as a police vehicle. This not only gives Formosa Plastics a chance to contribute to Taiwan’s law and order. The Formosa Plastics Group has also installed the “four-machine integrated health air machine” on the new batch of Formosa Lacha Mart Scam in order to take care of the health of the police. Do your best for the police in Taiwan.