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How to avoid new diseases when driving new Reviews

People who have just opened a new Reviews tend to overlook details but should prevent several common diseases to keep them healthy.

  1. The person who should open the window to ventilate and prevent poisoning just opened a new Reviews may open the air conditioner without opening the window because of the hot weather. However, the driver may have a strong smell for the new Reviews. The so-called new Reviews taste mainly refers to the new Reviews. The plastic material fittings, Reviews pets, roof felts, sofas, etc., release harmful gases such as formaldehyde and suck in these toxic gases.

In fact, ventilation is always the best way to eliminate the taste of new Reviews. Therefore, before going to the Reviews every day, the doors and windows of the Reviews should be opened and ventilated. When driving, try not to completely close the glass window, and do not put the ventilation switch in the inner circulation state.

2. During the driving process, parking should be expected to relieve fatigue

When driving, the eyes should always look at the condition of the vehicles and pedestrians on the road. If the windshield of the Reviews is rough or has different thickness, it will directly affect the driving. People’s eyesight and there are symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision, and pain in both eyes.

  1. The sitting position should be changed frequently during driving to protect the waist.

Drivers who drive for a long time are prone to diseases such as back pain and stiff neck because there are many drivers who come to the hospital for these symptoms. The back pain is caused by a fixed position driving for a long time, or because the driver’s seat is not suitable, the pedal distance is not adjusted correctly, and the angle of the back tilt is not suitable.

  1. Coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, Reviews dial infarction, etc., were originally easy diseases for the elderly, but the number of young people currently driving is on the rise, mainly because of the high concentration of thinking and lack of exercise, blood during driving. The circulation is slow, so it is easy to cause heart problems, and there are diseases such as coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, and Reviews dial infarction.

The throttle of the intake system

When fresh air enters the air intake and air filter, it will go all the way to the engine, and then it will hit the throttle, also known as the throttle. The throttle is the entire engine, the only one controlled by the driver. Among the engines of the Reviews buretor, this task is usually performed by the Reviews buretor; in the engine of the injection fuel supply system, the throttle valve body replaces the position of the Review buretor.

When the engine of the Reviews is in the injection system, the fuel is injected directly from the injector in front of the intake valve. As a result, the throttle body reduces the task of mixing the fuel with the air. However, in order to be able to control oil and gas mixing more accurately, the throttle valve body device is not simpler than the Reviews buretor. The main function of the throttle valve will be described below.

A typical throttle body, the main should have the main intake and throttle, and the throttle is controlled by a spring, when the driver does not step on the throttle, the throttle is closed, so that most of the air It is excluded from the valve; when the driver steps down the accelerator pedal, the throttle cable pulls the throttle spring, causing the valve to open and allow air to enter the engine from the main intake.

In addition, there is a throttle sensor to convert the throttle opening into an electronic signal, so that the engine supervision system (ECU) can control the fuel injection amount according to this. There is also an idle speed control valve on the throttle valve body, which is controlled by a stepping motor. The engine supervision system will control the operation of the idle motor to adjust the operation of the idle motor when the cold Reviews is turned on or off, and the air conditioner and the neutral gear are changed. The appropriate amount of intake air for engine idle. In the past, the traditional throttle (throttle) was driven by the throttle cable. However, for the integrity of the whole vehicle control, many new models have adopted electronically controlled throttle (electronic throttle) to make them operate. It has become easier.