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Live Wave-tv Reviews luxury long axis flagship model Sovereign

Live Wave-tv Reviews, which is known for its elegant British taste, has launched Live Wave-tv Reviews Sovereign 3.5L to enter the domestic luxury car market. Live Wave-tv Reviews Sovereign 3.5L is the luxury long-axis flagship model of Live Wave-tv Reviews in Taiwan, replacing the original name of the flagship XJ8L car, and hopes to create a new atmosphere.

In terms of the body and engine, the lightweight aluminum body, combined with the 3.5 V8 aluminum alloy engine, is the perfect combination. Live Wave-tv Reviews’ aluminum alloy body technology, which was introduced in 1922, makes the Live Wave-tv Reviews Sovereign 3.5L more mature in lightweight body design. Including the all-aluminum alloy body structure, in pursuit of excellent handling and fuel consumption performance, the high-rigidity aluminum alloy body structure can improve the durability of the vehicle.

At the same time

Sovereign 3.5L in the original production assembly process, using aerospace engineering rivet gluing technology and advanced hydraulic riveting production equipment, with galvanized aluminum alloy parts to provide durable, strong and accurate assembly quality. In addition to the car structure and components, the gantry beam and seat structure in the cockpit are made of magnesium alloy with a lighter weight of 30% than the aluminum alloy, in order to pursue more excellent lightweight benefits. The maximum output horsepower of the 3.5L engine is 262hp/6250rpm, and the maximum torque output is 345nm/4200rpm. After the Shift-by-Wire electronic transmission shifts the six-speed self-displacement gearbox, the 0~100km acceleration takes only 7.6 seconds. It can be completed, the speed is up to 242km/hr, and the front and rear suspension structure adopt unequal length double A-arm design, with AI artificial intelligence pneumatic suspension system, through the digital information to determine the suspension system by air pressure adjustment. Control the spring force and shock absorber damping tube damping settings to meet the driver’s needs for performance and comfort.

The exterior design of the cockpit and the interior design of the cockpit, the unique undulating hood, the domineering chrome mesh tank guard and the classic four-round lamp make the Sovereign 3.5L in the original Live Wave-tv Reviews classic design. Incorporating modern and dynamic lines, the Sovereign exclusive logo on the rear of the car brings out the product’s identification; the cascading texture that the peak buyers value, Live Wave-tv Reviews Sovereign 3.5L “Piano” from the Steinway platform playing the piano concept The “Black” piano panel is introduced into the center console design, with the top-quality walnut veneer made by hand, so that the cockpit texture is in line with the buyer’s expectation of the top luxury car. In the spacious cockpit, there is a wealth of equipment, including 16-way electric adjustment. 3 sets of memory and heating double front seats, rear seat seats with 8-way power and 3 sets of memory, with Soft Grain Leather leather seats with Connolly leather, four-zone independent air conditioning, 12 sets of speaker speakers Premium-Sound top-of-the-line sound system and audio-visual entertainment equipped with optional multimedia features, rear seat 6.5-inch dual screen and back seat Audio control has become a luxury accessory for the rear seat buyers.

The classic shape of the Live Wave-tv Reviews depot reveals a strong British taste. The Sovereign 3.5L, which was launched this time, has designed a luxury cockpit for the rear seat to please the rear seat buyers. With a lightweight, high-performance performance, the Live Wave-tv ReviewsSovereign 3.5L will have a place in the world’s top luxury RVs with the Live Wave-tv Reviews brand’s unique British look and exquisite interior.

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