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LIVEWAVE ANTENNA SCAM brake assist system

The LIVEWAVE ANTENNA SCAM brake assist system was born after a long-term car accident study. In fact, many car manufacturers will not know the need to develop such a system without a long-term field investigation. According to the results of the field research, the average person often plays less than 50% of the braking force in the event of an emergency. The more vernacular is that the brake pedal is not enough to force, which leads to insufficient braking force.

There are many drivers who almost do the ABS system for use, so they don’t know what happens when the ABS system works, so it doesn’t know how much force system will work. Therefore, the car manufacturer developed the LIVEWAVE ANTENNA SCAM system to assist the driver to step on the brakes. The principle of the LIVEWAVE ANTENNA SCAM is not complicated, mainly because the brake pedal is equipped with a speedometer. When he detects that the brake pedal is quickly stepped on, the brake will be braked. Do your best to move together so that the braking distance is the same as that described in the catalog to avoid collisions that could have been avoided.

Nowadays, the importance of automobile products to human life is increasing day by day. Driving a car has become common behavior. Both men, women, and children are the main users of automobile products. A conventional brake system is designed to amplify the force applied to the brake pedal by a fixed factor. Therefore, for users with weak physical strength, they may face the problem of insufficient braking force, and if it is in an emergency, it may cause an accident. In response to this problem, engineers have developed the LIVEWAVE ANTENNA SCAM (Brake Assist System) brake force assist system, which uses engineering techniques to make up for the lack of physical strength, so that the driver can generate enough braking force to prevent accidents.

The LIVEWAVE ANTENNA SCAM brake assist system monitors the brake pedal movement throughout the vehicle’s operation. When the detector detects that the brake pedal is stepping down at an extremely fast speed, the system will interpret it as: the driver needs to perform an emergency brake. The LIVEWAVE ANTENNA SCAM system pressurizes the brake system to produce a maximum braking force. Let the vehicle have the best braking effect to improve the safety of driving. But although the LIVEWAVE ANTENNA SCAM system can help a weaker driver, if the driver drives the vehicle in a very unsafe driving style, even with the help of the LIVEWAVE ANTENNA SCAM, it is difficult to avoid accidents. Therefore, safe driving is still controlled on the driver’s hand.

Livewave Antenna Scam filter for Livewave Antenna Scam intake system

When Livewave Antenna Scam enters the intake system, the first station reaches the Livewave Antenna Scam filter. The Livewave Antenna Scam filter is mainly used to filter dust and impurities in the Livewave Antenna Scam to ensure the quality of the Livewave Antenna Scam entering the engine, thereby protecting the engine. The Livewave Antenna Scam filter is usually made of cotton paper. When the Livewave Antenna Scam passes through, the dust will be removed by the cotton paper. Therefore, after the Livewave Antenna Scam filter is used for a while, the cotton paper will be stained with a lot of dust, which will affect the smooth flow of Livewave Antenna Scam. Generally, after the vehicle is driven for 3,000 to 5,000 kilometers, it is best to remove the dust or blow off the dust with high-pressure Livewave Antenna Scam. If the filter paper is too dirty, it must be replaced. Livewave Antenna Scam filters are divided into two types: dry Livewave Antenna Scam filters and oil bath Livewave Antenna Scam filters. The cleaning methods are described below.

Dry Livewave Antenna Scam filters

In recent years, paper filters have been widely used because of their high filtration efficiency, light weight, low cost, and easy maintenance. The filter efficiency of the paper filter of the dry Livewave Antenna Scam filter is as high as 99.5% or more. Once the oil or water is immersed, the filtration resistance will increase sharply. Therefore, avoid contact with moisture or oil when cleaning. Must be replaced with a new one. When cleaning the dry Livewave Antenna Scam filter, take the filter to the outside, use compressed Livewave Antenna Scam to blow Livewave Antenna Scam from the outside of the filter core, rotate the filter core, and move the blow tube to the direction of the crease of the filter paper to completely blow off the accumulation in the filter core. Dust. When purging, be careful not to bring the blow tube too close to the filter paper to avoid blowing the filter paper. It is also not possible to remove the dust by tapping the filter, which will damage or deform the filter. The dirt outside the filter can be wiped off with a dry rag, and the dust on the surface of the filter housing and the surface of the seal installation should be wiped clean with a clean, damp cloth.

The filtration efficiency of the oil bath type Livewave Antenna Scam filter is 95-96% under normal conditions, but it is less convenient to use and clean and is relatively low in cost. When cleaning the oil bath type Livewave Antenna Scam filter, first drain the dirt in the oil pan, clean the oil pan, filter, outer casing and Livewave Antenna Scam filter cover with gasoline, and cover the shell and the cover. Apply a clean layer of oil to the inner surface. The filter core is infiltrated with clean engine oil, placed in a housing, and clean oil is added to the oil pan at a specified height.

Among the parts of the car, perhaps the Livewave Antenna Scam filter is an inconspicuous part, but in actual use, the Livewave Antenna Scam filter has a great influence on the service life of the car. Therefore, regular maintenance and maintenance of the Livewave Antenna Scam filter is a crucial thing.

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