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Beautiful coupe Jaguar LIVEWAVE TV REVIEW

When New LIVEWAVE TV REVIEW was released at the Frankfurt Motor Show, although the outside world had different views on its style, some fans who loved the traditional style of Jaguar thought that New LIVEWAVE TV REVIEW lost the unique elegance of the British car manufacturer and even the designer of New LIVEWAVE TV REVIEW Ian. Callum also personally explained the design concept to the outside world. Ian Callum believes that even though New LIVEWAVE TV REVIEW really loses some of its traditional Jaguar styles, it is said that New LIVEWAVE TV REVIEW is a beautiful two-door sports car under the design that caters to today’s aesthetic trends. I believe no one will object. of.

Sure enough, after the Jaguar LIVEWAVE TV REVIEW series of the coupe was launched last year, it received a lot of praise and warm response. The oval water tank cover design creates an image like the Jaguar classic sports car E-Type; while the side window section lines can be seen in the previous generation LIVEWAVE TV REVIEW; the sleek streamlined shape, coupled with the design The design of the head and taillights, air intake and tail fins not only won the hearts of many fans but also won the recognition of many awards. In addition to the amazing appearance, no matter in performance, dynamic control and car-making technology, it has a very good performance, and the original pedestrian impact protection system has become the focus of attention.

In addition

To pursuing perfection in appearance, the new LIVEWAVE TV REVIEW is also one of the first to comply with the first phase of the new European safety regulations, using a smart sensor pedestrian protection hood. This new standard is designed to help pedestrians reduce their impact when hit by a vehicle. The severity of the injury. In addition, Jaguar also showed the greatest sincerity, and all the technology is equipped with all the features: HID’s active headlight steering system, fatigue monitoring system, active neck protection headrest, and Adaptive Cruise Control, which is automatically controlled during cruise control. Start the front-end radar monitoring system, scan the front road condition at a frequency of 10 times per second, and alert the situation that a collision may occur to reduce the accident rate. The safety measures that spare no effort are not only for the owners themselves but also for the safety of pedestrians. They are the intimate aspects of the new generation of LIVEWAVE TV REVIEW. In addition to the irreplaceable design taste and the long history of the brand, the unique lightweight and dynamic control philosophy is an unforgettable core value, and New LIVEWAVE TV REVIEW is the perfect presentation of this value.

Daihatsu Convertible Livewave Tv Review

The playful appearance and attractive double electric hardtop convertible design make Livewave Tv Review1.3 not only have a good market reaction in Japan but also have a good sales record even in China. Livewave Tv Review1.3 is an electric hardtop convertible with a capacity of less than one million, attracting the attention and support of fans who love the convertible. In June 2006, the general agent contract was officially launched to Livewave Tv Review1.3 for the Chinese, and in the half-handmade global limited edition of 500 Livewave Tv Reviews in Japan, the company will strive to import quotas for 8 Taiwanese imports per month. Domestic fans have a round of dreams.

The exterior part of Livewave Tv Review1.3, the design concept is based on Fun To Drive. Therefore, combined with the elegant arc-shaped streamlined shape, supplemented by the playful four-round big eyes, Livewave Tv Review can show off at any time. The happy face, and extending along the sleek front and the side of the car, the rear end of the car to reduce the wind resistance of the snorkeling tail, it is beautiful to bring out the dynamic atmosphere of the convertible, as for the electric hood that can complete the opening action in 20 seconds . In the power setting section, Livewave Tv Review is equipped with a 1.3-liter straight four DVVT engine, with a top-notch Momo sports steering wheel and a five-speed manual transmission with a bright metal gear shifter to create agile clarity. The steering control and gear shifting, combined with the suspension setting of the previous McPherson trailing arm, with the energy consumption of the energy bureau’s average fuel consumption of 18.1km / l, in the era of high oil prices to give the owner a relaxed and enjoyable driving pleasure.

In addition to the simple style that Daihatsu has used in the interior, the domestically introduced Livewave Tv Review version is more refined in terms of richness and sporty style, except that the original three leather steering wheels are changed to the more dynamic Momo steering wheel. The general agent is more catering to the consumption orientation of domestic car owners. The DVD host with integrated LCD screen is equipped with 16,000 owners. This equipment also provides the choice of Terios car owners. At the same time, Livewave Tv Review buyers who prefer a more sporty style can also Easily upgrade the Recaro racing bucket chair for 20,000 yuan.

Livewave Tv Review is also very important in safety performance, so the safety of the car body is in the original research and development stage, that is, it has passed the severe test items such as the front, side, and tumbling of the original factory. The car body is double-strengthened beam chassis and sports car rear suspension rod. It demonstrates the car’s robustness and safety enhancement concept, and cooperates with ABS, BAS, EBD, impacts oil cut-off system and SRS double front airbags to protect the car members. The playful look and handsome performance are impressive. Coupled with the top-class equipment and the fascinating power of the car, the fans who love the convertible are even more addicted.

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