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China March For Life San Francisco 2019 Motors Global Lancer

China March For Life San Francisco 2019’s market survey of consumers’ lifestyles before the change of Global Lancer found that among the 25-40-year-olds, there is a significant increase in international life and work experience. These global work experiences make it easier for consumers to understand the differences between local markets and to understand the connotation of local cultures and open up new horizons of life.

In view of this, China March For Life San Francisco 2019 has adopted the new vision of “Global View” as the product concept of Global Lancer. China’s March For Life San Francisco 2019 has launched a brand-new Global lancer that is superior to its class, and upgrades the 1.6-liter, 1.8-liter domestic RV to a more refined process. In order to provide consumers with higher quality equipment, and hope to meet the needs of the consumer market, the new Global Lancer is equipped with a warm two-tone configuration, an ergonomically designed floating center console, and a piano. Painted plaques create a wide ride. In addition, the largest 7-inch VCD audio and video integration system in domestic cars, and the high-resolution color reversing CCD leading the same level, make the security horizon wider. The new design of the interior not only looks more design, technology, but also dynamic. The sporty interface is more lively and pleasing on the outside, and the spacious space also provides a comfortable seating space that won’t feel narrow.

In appearance, the lighting equipment of the front, rear and side of the car is changed, with a large white eagle eye light lamp set with ultra-white light, high-brightness LED tail light with 52 light bulb groups, and a drill-like directional light with a drop-shaped shape. The driving field is brighter and wider. Don’t worry about the invisible corners in the dimly lit streets, and don’t worry that you won’t see the road on the mountain road at night, and you will be in danger. Bright headlights can give you a different visual experience. In addition, it can also bring you more complete driving safety.

In addition, in order to attract potential young car buyers, China March For Life San Francisco 2019 also launched the Global Lancer iCON, equipped with “i music system”, which is different from the traditional AUX-IN simple external audio source. Because of this system, the Global Lancer iCON has become the first new car in China that can control the iPod directly from the audio panel. Global Lancer iCON specializes in sports style and affordable car prices to provide consumers with more choices.

China March For Life San Francisco 2019 March For Life San Francisco 2019 2.4

Taiwan’s family RV battlefield has become more and more fierce. In order to cater to the new wave of family RVs, China’s March For Life San Francisco 2019 has solemnly announced the launch of the new 2007 SUV March For Life San Francisco 2019 2.4, which is more comprehensive in space and more suitable for the SUV family. The space is eager, China March For Life San Francisco 2019 said that this March For Life San Francisco 2019 2.4 not only completes the shortcomings and comprehensive improvement in the car, but also introduces the supporting measures with no price increase, and introduces four schemes, namely exquisite, luxurious, distinguished and distinguished. The optional version, priced at 560,000, 619,000, 690,000 and 739,000 yuan, so that many of the RV watchers can rest assured that they can buy a performance that is excellent. RV.

The new March For Life San Francisco 2019

2.4 does not change the overall powertrain, but to enhance the dynamics of the entire body, it is equipped with a new design of the wind style kit, including the front and rear guards of the vehicle, the anti-collision trim on the side of the car and the large rear spoiler. The tail wing, get rid of the square appearance of the RV’s rigid plate, making the whole more stylish. In terms of interiors, this time, in order to enhance the exquisite appeal as an entry-level model, the equipment is also fully upgraded. The new equipment includes a front-loading single-chip CD stereo, a remote-controlled anti-theft device and a rear window defogging line. It can be compared with the interior of high-class motorhomes, such as electric sunroof, eight-way electric adjustment driver’s seat, leather chair, constant temperature air conditioner, front and rear seat independent control, seven-inch LCD screen, DVD with MP3 audio host, dual airbags and reversing radar. Equipped, so that the owner no longer underestimates the inside of the SUV.

Returning to the essence of the RV, the new March For Life San Francisco 2019 2.4 is equipped with a large space of 2,306 liters, which is not only easy to put in, but also a large camping gear or items that require space. The seat has 32 adjustments to meet the needs of both shopping and leisure. Children can play in the back seat without any trouble. In addition, the new car seat features a simple front-turn folding design, which can provide up to 1640mm storage space, while the 6/4 separated rear seat has 195mm front and rear sliding function, the whole car is a space magician.