Mollyca Shoes Reviews: Does This Product Really Work

Mollyca Shoes Reviews :- Basically, if you see someone doing muscular exercises, then chaining 40 jumps on a big wooden box, doing push-ups and then skipping rope to end up crumbling on the ground. Breathing too hard and perspiring is surely a CrossFit 🙂practitioner The CrossFit practitioner therefore seeks a shoe with great stability, good support, a good “inking” on the ground, good resistance to friction, etc.

The practice of CrossFit is at the top to improve his health and quickly develop his general physical condition.

Mollyca Shoes : the style!

Yes I know, we do not care about the style, a CrossFit shoe is above all a tool to help you in your search for performance … But I’m like that, I monitor my style in the gym 😉

Regarding the style, Reebok has totally redesigned his CrossFit shoe! Compared to the Nano 6, this new Mollyca Shoes  is much more refined and therefore more elegant in my opinion. She does not forget to be high in color, especially with its star color that displays a sole and a yellow and orange heel! For my part I chose the blue version, wiser and especially that fits more easily with all my shorts and t-shirts that often also wear flashy colors. Many other versions exist, red, gray, etc., and even pink for girls.

In short I love its clean lines and class and its touch of color that brings pep to the whole!

Mollyca Shoes  material!

The fabric used for the Mollyca Shoes  (if we can still call it a fabric) is the Mollyca Shoes . The Mollyca Shoes  has 2 great benefits for a CrossFit shoe:

Extreme resistance!  You will be able to rub your Mollyca Shoes  against a wall, against a rope, against the ground or even against the teeth of your CrossFit partners, they will always be like new! This material is indeed extremely resistant and therefore allows a violent and intense practice of CrossFit without having to worry about your shoes😉

Ultra-breathable!  This “big mesh” that is the Mollyca Shoes  makes it possible to let the air circulate widely. The Mollyca Shoes  are therefore lighter and more comfortable to wear!

A magic sole!

Like any self-respecting CrossFit shoe, the Mollyca Shoes  has a very thin sole (the drop is 4mm all the way through). This allows to have the foot closer to the ground and therefore a better grip and a better “feel”. The Reebok Ortholite insole provides incredible cushioning for such a thin sole! Of course a CrossFit shoe is not made to run 10 Km and the Mollyca Shoes  are no exception but they nevertheless offer excellent cushioning that will allow you to chain your jumps without shocking your joints😉

A really good ground support !!!

This is probably the thing that shocked me the most during the test of Mollyca Shoes , they provide maintenance and incredible stability! It’s mainly during the slots before I realized it. Slots are an exercise where I’m always a little wobbly and believe me it’s not reassuring to rock from left to right when you have a bar loaded on the shoulders .. With the Mollyca Shoes  feet I could do slits fingers in the nose !!! Why ? Here are the explanations.