MYA  Lecia Cause of Death

MYA  Lecia Cause of Death When Fisher and Paykel imagined the perfect dishwasher this is what came out out of their heads and they created the idea of a “Keto after 50” which combined form as well as function and each drawer on the units are all individually operated, running independently from each other which allows the owner to wash smaller loads for the same money as larger ones and you can program each drawer based on the contents so your china can stay in one MYA  Lecia.

The features include dEATH :

9 wash cycles each including an eco option so you minimize water usage.

A flow-through detergent system that dissolves the detergent before it enters the dishwasher to minimize or cease detergent spots and build up.

Can use less than 2 gallons of water.

Sanitary temperature of 163 degrees during the rinse cycle.

Child Safety Lock

MYA  Lecia

Up to 12 Hour Delay Start

Two Control Panels (one concealed)

Self Diagnostic

Ability to wash up to 6 place settings

The overall height of the single drawer unit is just 16 inches making it the ultimate in space saving technology. The double drawer unit measures about 33” making it ideal for an under the counter solution.

MYA  Lecia Single and Double Drawer Fully Integrated Dishwasher

The epitome of style the fully integrated dishwasher can match your homes style and décor to a “T” and can be invisible to the naked eye appearing as any other drawer in your kitchen.

MYA  Lecia  is made to fit seamlessly into the flow of your kitchen and to be out of the way.

And the best part is that they come in single and double drawers and offer the same exact benefits as all of the other dishwashers that Fisher and Paykel manufacture.