Philo TV Review In today’s competing world, we are constantly driven by new forms of technological advancements. A new type of advancement is a live streaming television popular known by the name of Philo Television. It is an innovation to make worldwide channels easily accessible. The fact the cable provides only a limited number of channels, Philo aims the admittance of countless channels. This new trend doesn’t only promise the deliverance of a variety of channel but also provides its users a spontaneous link and a comfortable interactive design, which this Philo TV  provides you with. Design is uncommon and is easily available on Apple T.V, Fire Cube etc. The nature of technology is that it makes life more comfortable and things easily accessible, thus this technique of live streaming guarantees the same features. Let us look and consider its important salient features and how it is different from the usual cable device in this Philo TV review, but first you need to subscribe to it.

Subscribing to Philo, few easy steps

Just like any other website, Philo television also requires signing up. So in order to subscribe to Philo, few easy steps need to be remembered in order to create your account, and this Philo TV review provides them all.

Starting from surfing your browser for . One amazing feature Philo live streaming television offers is a free trial. Yes, you don’t have to pay initially and you get some days for free live streaming of your favorite channels. Once you have opened up your browser, you will be asked to start up your free trial by just providing your phone number, just s shown in the picture below.

Enter your mobile number in the white blank as show above. After you have written your number. Click on start your free trial. You will receive an approximately 6-digit code on your cell phone text messages. Type that code on the website and start your free trial.

Next you will be asked to subscribe to your email. Email subscription is necessary as you cannot just get a free trial. Free trial means that you agree to pay monthly charges after having your free trial. In order to subscribe to your email you will have to click on “subscribe with your email address”. After clicking on it, another page will open up in which you will be asked to enter your email address. Once you do that, next step is to select your package. Philo television offer two types of monthly packages based on the number of channels each kind contains. A package which allows 43 channels to stream cost $16 per month, while a package which offers 56 channels costs just an addition of $4 which makes $20 a month. Everything is shown in the picture hereunder.
After you have selected your package, fill in all the necessary information required for the payment method, including your card number, its expiry etc.

After subscribing Philo it will take monthly payment from your account. That how easy it was and this Philo TV review made it simpler. No?

Variety of products

Apart from sports channel, almost every other channel is available to stream on Philo TV. Philo TV mainly focuses on entertaining people and has a variety of channels related to lifestyle and many other non-sport type. A list of channels of Philo TV includes Animal planet, AMC, AXS TV, A&E, BBC world news, BBC America, BET, Cheddar big news, CMT, cheddar, Comedy central, DIY network, discovery, food network, FYI, HGTV, Hallmark movies and mysteries, Hallmark Drama, Hallmark, investigation discovery, IFC, Lifetime, lifetime movies, MTV, MTV2, OWN, Nickelodeon, People TV, paramount network, Sundance TV, science channel, Teen nick, Tastemade, Nick Jr. , TLC, history channel, Travel channel, VH-1, Velocity, TV land, WE TV and Vineline. These were 43 channels which are available by Philo TV in just $16 per month.

Just an addition of $4 will allow you to watch even more channels including the above 43 and others like, Revolt, Nicktoons, UPtv, LOGO, MTV live, Discovery family, discovery life, cooking channel, destination America, aspiteTV, BET Her and also American heroes channel. Isn’t that great? Furthermore as Philo TV allows you to watch channels like AMC in the cheapest way possible, it enables its users to watch serials like The Walking Dead very easily.

As told before, Philo TV does not attract sports lovers, but we hope to have Sports channels to stream soon as well.

Analysis and Critique

Philo TV works just like other live streaming channels which includes, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Hulu with live TV, Direct TV now and PlayStation Vue. However there is a difference of different offers and this Philo TV review shares it all. Rather than offering full cable subscription, Philo works as a smaller subset of channels, and in its result, it allows the cheapest way of live streaming, as already mentioned, $16 per month. In addition to its on-demand and live content, Philo TV offers free cloud DVR, just like all its other extravagant streaming services. Best part, there is no limit Philo puts forward to record, limit is only for the number of days, thirty, which is still quite a lot more than other websites. PlayStation Vue enables recording only for 28 days.

Another very considerable feature to look upon is that Philo TV allows not just one, but 3 simultaneous devices connection at a time. So you can easily share your connection with three of your favorite people in the house, or away from you who can connect through your single account. It’s obviously an important feature to consider while selecting a streaming service.

Philo TV does not compromise on the quality of the channels and meets requirement of its users with utmost dedication. Not only it provides one of the best streaming channels, quality vise, but also is best to use on any platform, and this Philo TV review shares them all.

Where to find the product? , where to search?

You must have a knowledge of where you can use Philo TV. This Philo TV review article provides you with everything. You can use Philo TV through various types of Television like Apple TV and Fire TV cube which is an Amazon Fire TV device. If you are an apple user, and possess an IPhone, Philo TV has its own app which is supported on all IOS devices. Other than that Philo TV can be browsed on the website on Google Chrome or internet explorer. There is a little inconvenience for Android users that Philo TV app is not available on Google store, but they can surf it on the browser they have on their device.

Market competition

Being one of the best live streaming TV, as this Philo TV review tells, it is often compared to similar live TV streaming services. Sling TV, like Philo TV is also an amazing streaming television but it’s far more expensive than Philo TV. Even its cheapest package is more than Philo TV’s most expensive package. Moreover, Philo TV comes with better family features in comparison to Sling Television.

Another in the line is Fubo TV which is far more expensive than Philo. YouTube TV shares a similarity with Philo in that it also allows three users simultaneously to use a single account. A service very close in competition to Philo is AT & T. Offering $15 per month, which is less than what Philo offers, A & T allows less channel streaming than Philo does. However you need to copout a little with Philo TV as it does not offer Sport channels, but that’s not a big deal as it has many other advantages.


This innovative technique is serving multiple users in the world today. It has gained a lot of popularity because of its amazing and approachable features which this Philo TV review articles mentions. If one wishes a timely access of multiple channel without any inconvenience, Philo TV is the easiest attainable approach. Also keeping in mind its importance, and what this Philo TV review says, the price charged is as low as $16 a month which is conveniently affordable, so grab your type of deal and get immunity to use its amazing features!