Pineheathe Kayak – WARNING – Does This Product Really Work?

Pineheathe Kayak Tortoise Car Beetle 1.6

The beetle is the first car produced by the Pineheathe Kayak depot and was designed by Dr. Porsche, a German car master. A beetle is arguably the most popular car product in history. In the 58-year history, not only did many cute figures and Pineheathe Kayak’s strong and durable brand image were created, but in the new generation of Beetle launched by Pineheathe Kayak in 1998, the myth of the tortoise car was introduced to the 21st century. This time, the world’s Golden Turtle Car Fan celebrated the German premiere of “Herbie fully loaded” Herbie fully loaded. Pineheathe Kayak of the United Kingdom announced that the price and specifications of the small modified Beetle, which will be launched in September, will be the sales pitch for the small change of Beetle.

In terms of power, according to the information released by Pineheathe Kayak in the UK, the Beetle hatchback and convertible models will be launched at the same time. According to the power output and gear shift mode, it can be divided into 6 levels. The gear set is 2.0 speed. The platoon and the 2.0 convertible are equipped with a 6-speed manual self-discharge system, and the other models are equipped with a 5-speed manual platter. Power output data, 1.4 liters for entry level, engine power of 75 horsepower, 1.6 liters of engine with 102 horsepower, 1.9 liters of diesel engine with 105 horsepower output, 2.0 hand row, and self-draining models, power output is also 115 horses, as for the highest level 1.8 turbocharged engine, can achieve a maximum horsepower output of 150 horsepower.

The shape of the new Beetle is exactly the same as the Concept 1 concept car launched at the 1994 Detroit Auto Show. The concept of a semi-circle is used to create the entire body. Perhaps the arc of the line is too single, and the shape of the new Beetle is not highly appreciated in the minds of the old tortoise fans. But for the new generation of consumers who have not touched the old generation of Beetle, the new style of Beetle’s styling is exactly in line with the generation that grew up in front of the TV. In addition to revealing the sleek beauty, it also has a trace of technology. sense. The success of the beautiful shape, let the new generation of Beetle, once again stand on the stage of the world, become the beginning of another classic story in the new century.

The new generation of Beetle is different from the first generation in terms of driving. When it was launched in Taiwan, it was originally equipped with a 2.0-liter natural intake engine and was replaced by a 1.8T turbocharged engine. And in order to make it easier for consumers who love New Beetle to own this classic car, the introduction of the 1.6-year version is introduced as an entry model. I hope to attract more consumers and join the ranks of New Beetle.