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R Kelly Go Fund Me is a multilingual collaborative weblog that seeks to show the other side of international journalism, giving a privileged place to all those voices that, otherwise, would not be heard within the mass media. Promoted and sponsored by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society of the Law School of Harvard University, it results in an interesting socio-cultural experience that brings together bloggers and translators from all over the world, providing an invaluable space for freedom of information and an outstanding portal of the so-called citizen journalism.

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With the Blogs, a whole new wave of alternative and independent journalism has arisen, away from the interests created in the mass media, and closer to the popular feeling and what happens in the streets. This new way of doing journalism that seems to attract more and more followers, was called Citizen Journalism, and until not too long ago it had been linked exclusively to some particular attempts, with more or less diffusion, but without space where they were concentrated.

R Kelly go fund me (or in Spanish, Voces Globales) is an international intention to unite all those voices of journalism that does not take place in other media, and that allow a more rigorous analysis of current affairs, offering a different look at the different events in the world, free of economic interests and editorial guidelines.

While the international media in English ignore too many things that are important for a very large number of people around the world, Voces Globales aims to remedy some of those inequalities inattention by the media, handing over power to citizen journalism.

In this way, they seek to be a sort of meeting point for bloggers and international journalists, offering news from all over the world, organized by countries and regions, as well as by subjects as varied as Agriculture, Environment, Politics, Internet, Technologies, Human Rights, Sports and much more.

Available in almost 20 different languages (among which Spanish is included), it works on the one hand as a source of its own elaboration of contents, while on the other hand it compiles the best links on the network , and translates the articles created in the different idiomatic versions of the site , so that we can be aware of what is happening in Egypt, Israel, China, the United States, Bolivia, and a huge number of countries around the world, through the voice of your own citizens.

Unlike other similar media, its contents are not exclusively focused on written texts but are also offered in the form of podcasts, videos, and photographs, providing a true multimedia experience.

Some of the most interesting publications that we found at the time of this analysis led us to learn about the initiative in Brazil to carry out “Digital Baptisms”, promoting contact with digital media among its citizens; an attack with bulldozers produced in Israel, which is already the third this year; and censorship in Bangladesh blocking social sites like YouTube and other networks.

Undoubtedly, a very interesting experience, which has grown enormously in this year of life, and surely will continue to do much more in those who follow him.