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Do you want to know about the truth of Romamart? Read this reviews

Is it scam?

 If you are interested to buy any product from this store,

Read this article.

What is Romamart?

Do you know anything about Romamart? If not, you have come to the right site. Here you will be told about Romamart in detail. Romamart is the name of a new brand which is selling small home-made things like square rugs, baby boy wear, block game, photo frame, candles and baby shoes. All these kinds of products are beautiful and attractive. Also, they are being sold at a very reasonable price. But, it may also be a scam. In this twentieth century, it is hard to trust anyone. So read my article to get the knowledge about Romamart.

Is Legit? is the official website of Romamart where you can see the whole stock of its products and all the information of Romamart is also stored in To know the reality of Romamart, follow the points giving in the following:

·        Age of the Website

The age of the website is very important to know the reality of any website. After searching it through, you will find that is just 2 weeks old website. 2 weeks are not enough to trust a website. Creating new websites is the trick of the scammers. So be careful.

·        Fake Address

If you visit the contact page of this website, you will find its address which is: 337 LANDSDOWNE RD ,Bowman,South Carolina,29018. After searching it through Google maps, you will find that it is just a fake address. It is the address of a park. Who can a park be the office address of a company? You should think about it carefully.

·        No Social Media Presence is not present at any kind of social media. It is not present at any facebook page, twitter account or pinterest. Seemingly it has fear to be caught by the cyber officers. Most scammers use this trick to save themselves from police. So be careful about it.

·        No Reviews of People has no reviews of any of its costumers about the products. If this website is really genuine, why costumers did not share their positive reviews at this website? It seems the website has hidden all the reviews coming from the costumers. So please be careful. It may be a scam.

·        Wrong Phone Number has provided a phone number at its contact page which is: +16598009508. We have tried a lot to call at this number but nobody answered the call. It seems this company has provided a fake phone number to dodge the innocent people. This is also the trick of the fraudsters to get the attentions of the people that they have also given a phone number but in reality this is a wrong phone number.


Finally, after giving you all the suspicious points of this website, we have come to the conclusion that you should not buy any single thing from thing from this website. It is a scam online shopping store which is just created to loot you.

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