Sam cerio injury video Youtube

Sam cerio injury video Youtube samantha cerio injury video: Smantha cerio, 22 years old Auburn university student, who have tragic ending of her career at the starting point. Gymnism was the passion for her life. The story of this passion starts at the age of 6 year. She practices by day and night to be perfect and eager to get achievements. She is majoring in aerospace engineering, from her performances on the floor exercise and steller skills on bars, Samantha is known as a role model for her teammates. Graba once describe as the “ the heart and soul of the team”. 17 years are not just a figure but a very long duration to be at today and about to touch the sky, and associate the achievements with her name.

“Fate determines many things, no matter how we struggle”

On Friday April, 5, 2019 a huge crowd was cheering at Pete Maravich Assembly center in Baton Rouge for Samantha Cerio, who was representing for tigers to qualify for NCAA event. Everything was perfect light reflected the Samantha’s smile, and her teammates cheered her to encourage, music was playing to make the crowed more enthusiastic. She came on the floor dance with her flawless performance on the floor. She was hoping on the floor from one corner to the other. Her first performance was perfect as commentator said “Such an impressive young lady”

For her last performance she hopped on the floor and prepared herself for to just win and cross the distance with seconds while take some flips in the air and in other moments, Cerio was on the floor in agony, OMG, no one could imagine this would be happen this way. Yess!! She was crying while everyone was hoping for jumping and with joy and gratefulness. It was the moment when commentator was saying “let’s see how high she flies right here”. And on the second moment she was crying while sitting on the floor, the pain could be seen on her face. And commentator said “I think she is hurt” while coach and other members of team were running towards her. Her both legs were buckled violently while landing on the floor mat.

All of a sudden all music stopped and her team and crown stand up from the seats and clapped until she was carried on stretcher by the medical team. Tiger team said “it was really hard to see”. Since Friday Samantha Cerio injury video got viral on social media and every channel. It is said to be the worst player injury in the history. People are sending her regards and best wishes for recovery. She post on her instagram account that it was her last gymnastic Friday night and thank all the well wisher for prayers.

Everyone is talking about the mistake she did while hopping for the last jump or landing on the floor. Whatever is the matter but it is confirm what will happen in next moment no one knows. “Nothing ever goes as planned” We wish her best luck for her future and rapid recovery!!!