Shein App User Reviews: How To Download Shein App Android And IOS

Shein App Reviews:

It is the advanced shopping website that offer you the wide variety of outfit collection. So many people confirm their order form this website but they have the different reviews about this website. some posted the positive review on the play store as it is available in the android app. But some of them posted the negative review about this website. the reviews are discussed below:

Google user said:

I ordered products for 2k with express shipping for my travel today. They changed the status to shipped. But I didn’t get my products yet. Why such misleading status. No proper response on that customer service chat. I will never recommend to anyone. If anyone having plans to order anything in this sites too, I will share my experience and will not let others to suffer because of the worst service. displaying the variety of products only will not make a site or app good. They have to give a good service and customer experience. Useless app

Reply by Shein:

We are sorry to hear about your disappointment with us, and we would like the opportunity to resolve this issue. You can submit a ticket if more convenient and our customer service would be more than happy to assist you. We always value our customers thoughts and would like to thank you for carrying this to our courtesy.

Google user said:

This app. Doesn’t have exchange for a product. First when spoken to the customer care service they said it should be first returned and then the product will be exchanged. The delivery boy picked up the package but still there is no confirmation from shein team that the product has been received it’s been almost a week. When again spoken to the shein team there is no proper response from them and now they say that exchange will not be possible. Also, on return they deduct the money from the refund amount. What kind of service are you guys providing. It’s very disappointing.

Reply by Shein:

We are sorry to hear about your disappointment with us, and we would like the opportunity to resolve this issue. You can submit a ticket if more convenient and our customer service would be more than happy to assist you. We always value our clients opinions and would like to thank you for conveying this to our devotion.

Google user said:

Worst shopping app I have found so many problems during return or cancellation time…. Pickup option is only available one time otherwise self-return too bad because I already done a live chat and also submit my cancellation they open my msg by didn’t reply and in mrng item was shipped and they told me after that sorry your item was shipped…. Customer service is not up to the expectation. …. not getting full query to my quest asked to them…… Disappointed

Reply by Shein:

Hello and thank you for your feedback. If you are not satisfied with the products, please let us know if you would like us to send replacements or give you the refund. Please believe that we will continue to improve the quality of our products and provide you with a better shopping experience.

Google user said:

I absolutely love the product that I order. The materials are good and the fitting is absolutely perfect. Only one thing I would suggest for some shirts, I don’t like that silky material like u cannot wear it on summer time. I love a cotton type for the shirts. But in general, I am very much impressing with your product. you have the best running app and I like it very much. It is strongly recommended by my side to the others. Some of the product quality is poor but mostly all is ok. Yes, defiantly I will order again soon. Thumbs up…

Reply by the Shein:

Thanx for your feedback and it is really appreciated. Please keep us update about your precious opinion for our website.

Google user said:

I just hate what it has been lately, earlier it was a disciplined app but these days it’s service is getting worst nd worst my two orders have been returned without any reason and it wasn’t like I was ordering for first time so that my address or phone number is wrong, they have no place where we can contact them , and now because of them I won’t get my order, upon asked to look into the matter few days back they gave me assurance that I will get delivery on 28th as I had call from Ur logistics team saying there’s some problem with my order but when I asked them they said it’s all fine but later it was actually a problem!!!!!

Replies by the Shein:

Hi, we are extremely concerned to hear of this problem and will look into it immediately. Could you please supply us with your order number and your private email address where we can respond at, we will respond to you privately within 24 hours. Your concern is our concern, and we are here to address it ASAP.


Last Words about the reviews:

This review is totally based upon the reviews of the clients who used this service. We can see that there are so many positive and negative reviews about this product. Some people said that it is the best website and some said that it is the worst website. in all the cases we see that the customer service of the shein replies all the customers and respond all the queries and replies of the customers. it is the first priority of the shein to satisfy the needs of their customers and to respond them so this will help them to maintain their trust. The refund policy about the shein will help the customers to make them risk free. In the case of getting not their desired order than they can submit their request to the customer service and can het the alternate product.

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