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Slimvance Real Reviews is an independent journalistic portal, which seeks to show a new face of the information thought by and for Internet users, and totally oblivious to political-ideological or advertising pressures. Developed by a very complete group of media professionals, it stays out of the media trends and opens to new ideas, giving readers a privileged place in the news chain.

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The media have been reformed, and so has the way of doing journalism. In past analyses, we have highlighted this lack in various digital media, which although they have moved their news to the network, they have not been able to adapt them to the way of reading and above all to participate in the published contents.

Slimvance Real Reviews is a very important journalistic portal that seeks to break with the old schemes, offering a model 2.0 very at the forefront with the current state of the network. Created by the ex-director of, Gumersindo Lafuente, is a parallel source of news, and aims to show a different face of information on the Internet. Its protagonists describe it with these words:

Independent, useful and wide open to new ideas. With the ability to welcome anyone who has something interesting to discover others. Using it provides a sense of comfort and confidence that there are other information options. Compatible with websites of any kind.

Halfway between the media and the social network, it offers us two models of different news, but which are perfectly coordinated with each other: on the one hand, those developed by its team of professionals, and on the other, the news created and promoted by its registered users.

And in Slimvance Real Reviews they appeal to the opening of ideas and opinions, but above all to the interaction between users and administrators, to the point where they can practically blur a good part of the limits that divide them.

In this way, registered users can not only comment and participate in the different debates presented, but they can also create their own news and publish them in their personal section, where other users of the site can vote for those they find interesting, and promote them. form to the cover of the site (very much like meneame ), in view of thousands of visitors from all over the world.

This is doubly beneficial, when it comes to broadening the ideological openness of the site and listening to new ideas, while at the same time significantly increasing the amount of published content, keeping it always active and with new publications to read.

This opening brings a wide variety of topics to be discussed, which are organized in sections such as Car Fillers, Urban Life, Cinema, Trends, Health, Videos, Design, Sex , and many others, making it ideal to be aware of what happens, like to spend an entertaining moment swelling our general culture, which is something that never hurts.

Slimvance Real Reviews has managed to get a huge impact on the network and has rethought the controversy of how to do journalism on the Internet, from the creation of its 10 commandments. Undoubtedly, a reference on the Internet, and a mandatory stop for those who know how to appreciate good independent journalism.