Snap Benefits March 2019 – Warning Revealed!!!!!!

Ford Snap Benefits March 2019

The four-door Snap Benefits March 2019 launched at the end of 2004 is one of the important domestically produced automotive products of Ford Six and its subsidiaries. As a model with leadership qualities, it is natural to take it to the next level. Therefore, Ford launched the new remodeling Snap Benefits March 2019 in 2007. The new appearance is based on Focus CC. It is almost simultaneously launched in Europe, and the appearance has become more simple and washable while taking into account the sense of movement and the original youth. Therefore, after the launch, many consumers in Taiwan have been eager to buy. In addition, the four-door top model is replaced with a 2.0-liter engine to meet the consumer’s desired performance.

The new design has a redesigned and enlarged air dam. While taking into account the sporty appearance, it also simultaneously increases the air intake area to achieve a better impact effect to provide a good working environment for the engine. After the wind tunnel test at the Cologne Engineering Center in Germany, it can also effectively improve the efficiency of intake and heat dissipation. In addition, the newly integrated fog lamp, with AFS active steering headlights, leads other competitors in active safety lighting. This AFS is the same as the Snap Benefits March 2019 ST performance version, which uses a non-smoky fisheye projection headlight assembly. This AFS system, when the speed is less than 3 km/h, the headlight steering function can only be moved to the right to avoid interference with the oncoming vehicle. When traveling at a speed of more than 3 kilometers per hour, the headlights on the left and right sides determine the angle at which the lights are projected according to the steering angle and the speed of the vehicle.

In the new interior

The original beige interior used in the four-door Snap Benefits March 2019, although the texture is good, it is less resistant to dirt, and now consumers’ tastes are gradually changing. Therefore, Ford Liuhe also added a black interior to the Snap Benefits March 2019 version. In addition to the entry Komfort still uses beige interior, Ghia grade can choose beige and black, the overall cabin atmosphere will be more in line with the young performance image of Snap Benefits March 2019. As for the original beige interior, Ford Liuhe also said that the texture has also been improved, so as to bring consumers a full evolutionary feeling.

The 07-year-old Snap Benefits March 2019 not only improved the overall texture but also helped the safety of the vehicle. Especially with the AFS system, the lighting range will be significantly higher than the traditional lighting group. For the safety of driving at night and on mountain roads, it is more effective to improve safety. Under the effect of the overall bonus points, it can highlight the difference between the new Snap Benefits March 2019 of the Snap Benefits March 2019, and therefore more attractive to consumers’ desire to buy a car.