Soleget Reviews: Can You Trust Them? Legit or Scam

Nowadays, shopping online has become like a ritual. You do not have to leave home to buy a product. The Internet allows us to stay glued to our computer to make virtual shop windows. Soleget is a site dedicated to fashionistas addicted to the latest trends in women’s fashion. Soleget notice? We will describe below what we think of the site and its benefits.

Soleget opinion and presentation of the site

Basically, Soleget is a site that markets women’s clothing. Its interface is also ultra glamorous, as in fashion magazines. The site works by choosing its own suppliers, and by proposing the original products. What is more reassuring therefore is that one is sure of the honesty of the seller. The site was founded in 2008 and is currently experiencing a palpable boom with fashionistas around the world. There is a range of trendy ready-to-wear and accessories to accompany them.

What the site offers

The first advantage of all those listed there is first and foremost the undeniable value for money. As the site is based in China , the cost of the items is very low, some sellers even sacrifice their products with a factory price. Chinese manufacturers do not go through any intermediary to collaborate with the site, suddenly, the customer is in direct contact with him through the site. Soleget offers about 350,000 ready-to-wear items, in the cost is extremely low. The best gift is free shipping worldwide, for items over 30 euros.

What’s on Soleget?

Just arrived on the site, these ladies will be dazzled by the images published on the home interface. Beautiful women dressed in beautiful clothes, with a layout like that of a catalog. Every day, new products are put online in a “News” section. There are all the clothes: dress, skirt, leggings, shorts, tops, sweatshirts, shoes. There are also accessories such as jewelry, scarves, hats, belts … Can not resist the temptation to buy by seeing the discounts written in red, -80%, -60%. And there is no lie. Prices are really very low, starting at $ 2so 1.70 euro. As in the shops, it is formal to choose the right size before placing the order. The sizes used by the site are the universal sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL … knowing however that the manufacturers are Chinese, their sizes are smaller than those of the Europeans. The site gives us the opportunity to refer to us with a well-detailed guide for each article.

Soleget Reviews on promotions

Are you wondering how we can still have promotions with such low prices? Well, Soleget offers us a lot of promotions. Here are three that will surely interest shopaholics: the continuous promotion on some items (it’s still sales on Soleget!), Private sales only granted to the first 20 customers on a novelty, and finally, the discount coupon . The latter is a very good strategy to retain customers because it is granted to your first order. In fact, you will earn your coupon when you register, but you will receive the 40% discount on your first item purchased.


How is the order?

The small problem with Soleget is that most of the pictures are described in English. Fortunately, the images are very good and allow to observe the articles in great detail. To place an order, we click on the article, we choose the size and the color, and we add it to our basket. Payment is by credit card or PayPal. As for delivery, if some items are delivered free (items over $ 30), this is not the case for others. The customer does not pay any customs fees. She can return the product with the original packaging, if the item does not match its description, it is not the case for jewelry, lingerie … And that’s normal, right?

In short, Soleget is a reliable site and in addition it offers up-to-date articles for fashionable addicts. Its interface showcase effect is pleasant and we are immediately fascinated by the price of each product. Do not go far to make nice gifts, find it on