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what happened to stacy wilson – stacy wilson Death in bus accident obituary I’m a big snacker. I’m always hungry and always wanting something to munch as I work or relax. I think the period I actually go to the gym or for a run is the longest I go without eating (bar being asleep). I’ve always liked jerky, but never really considered it as a snack until I saw it sold through protein sites – and I fear I may now be hooked!

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One 50g pack of beef jerky provides 25g of protein, 2.8g of fat and 1.9g of carbs, with a total of 138.5cals.


The Taste Test: MyProtein Beef Jerky

I sampled both the classic and the Teriyaki flavour jerkies, and found the flavour of both to be great. The teriyaki is a smellier option though so best not for confined office spaces! It is, of course, quite chewy, as you would expect from a jerky, but it’s not too much to take. The jerky comes in five flavours – classic, smoked, original, teriyaki and cajun hot.


After snacking on a whole pack, I didn’t feel as full as I was expecting. While the amount of chewing did help to keep my occupied for a long time, half an hour later, I’m considering raiding the biscuit tin.


Overall, I give the Beef Jerky a 4/5 for taste.


The Price Test: MyProtein Beef Jerky stacy wilson

The beef jerky comes in snack size packs of 50g, which could be eaten in one go (oops) but could be snacked on through the day to make it last longer. The five flavours currently all come in at £2.30, a saving of £0.19 on usual price. I make this a pretty good price for a meaty snack, which naturally would be more expensive. I think this option is also a little healthier than the supermarket options.


Overall, I give the Beef Jerky a 3.5/5 for price


Editor’s Opinion of MyProtein Beef Jerky

The beef jerky is a chewy, meaty snack that hits the spot for good distractions from mid-meal hunger pangs. However it’s not quite as filling a snack as other options, and at the price point, it’s better to keep it to nibble on through the day than eat in one go (if you can resist once it’s open!). I would recommend it over supermarket version of beef jerky though.


Overall, I give the MyProtein Beef Jerky 3.5/5.

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