Tat Brow Reviews: My professional Opinion on TatBrow Eyebrow

For several years now, the Tat Brow, created by Jocelyne de Villeneuve , has been established. This space dedicated to the Beauty of the glance counts more than 100 shops in France and abroad. Recently an article, several times relayed, has damaged this beauty space.

Let’s go back to the facts. Joss was interviewed by the 60 Million Consumer magazine in early May. And the article makes a real indictment against Tat Brow . Lack of information, employee training or unstable pigments. Allegations, drawn from two testimonials shared on social networks, but which do not echo the line of the house.

The Tat Brow workshop:  A deserving journey

In fact, I discovered the Tat Brow Workshop 12 years ago, even before it was called like that! My friend Joss had a small institute, where she worked alone in the 17th, in Paris. Already, she had made a real name in the capital. Women tore appointments at her home. I was immediately won over by his professionalism and talent. So I brought him many celebrities that I take care of. The Tat Brow is a vital element for the beauty of the eye . When she drew the Tat Brow of personalities, and then I made them up, the result was all the more beautiful! Joss then created the Tat Brow Workshop and we never separated.

Initially, she herself took care of my Tat Brow . And then, over the years, the workshops began to grow in France but also in London, Morocco … Joss has been increasingly solicited with this bloom of spaces dedicated to the Tat Brow. I asked him to tell me a space to take care of mine. She advised me at the Boulogne-Billancourt Tat Brow Workshop, which is a convenient neighborhood for me.

A renowned beauty address

For 3 or 4 years, I have been Tat Brow there. Besides, we can really talk about a “style” at  Tat Brow. An imprint that is not found elsewhere. And it’s just as good as when it was Joss. All makeup artists are formed the same way. So obviously, we will not lie to each other. It’s like everywhere, like TV shows. Even if these professionals are all good, there are some excellent ones and then there are some who “do the job”. If I have any advice to give, it is to find the person who understands our expectations and who beautifies us best. Then, make an appointment with her regularly to make alterations . This avoids passing between several hands and register in a line that suits you.

Great stars I’m taking care of, who have been and continue to go to The Tat Brow Workshop, do not have orange Tat Brow! Nor me, by the way! We have never had any particular problems as a result of pigmentation or restructuring .


A necessary focus

Joss has always been a great boss who develops a lot and is very creative . It’s a little bit of woman with incredible strength. Every year, she presents her ideas, her concepts, her future outings of cosmetics . We can not take that away from him … I find it too easy to hit people when we do not really know behind the scenes.

Obviously, it is not a question of calling into question the words of the clients. I think that can happen. In the same way that there is a percentage of French allergic to doliprane or any other medicine. In very rare cases, perhaps, are there any side effects? But do not generalize the 1% of people to whom, unfortunately, it happened.

It is for all these reasons that I want to express myself on this subject. Know that I am not paid to make this gesture. It’s a friend who comes to support a great professional , because the injustice m’insupport.

I hope to interview Joss very soon to give you specific information on permanent makeup , which she has mastered for over 30 years. Stay connected !