The Front Cross Wireless BRA: Front Cross Side Buckle Wireless Lace Bra Reviews

The Front Cross Wireless BRA is a revolutionary design with breakthrough body forming technology. It is designed to hide those unwanted bulges caused by regular bra bands and also hides bra lines. This bra doesn’t have hooks, clamps or any painful under wires to deal with.

This comfortable bra is made of 96% premium nylon and 4% spandex to insure top quality comfort. Its fabric is knitted in four different ways and is weaved instead of wire construction.

This bra has extra wide straps not just for added comfort but to keep your strap from falling down all the time. The Front Cross Wireless BRA is built for maximum support to give you a more firm look.

This bra also prevents any pinching, chafing and binding, giving you a more free feeling while wearing a bra. The design of this bra is to fit to your body, so whether you gain weight or lose it your bra will always fit.

Its machine washable and guaranteed to never shrink, leaving you with a bra that will always be as comfortable and fitting as it was the first time you wore it.

Here’s What The Front Cross Wireless BRA’ll Do For You

One of the biggest inconveniences of being a woman is having to wear a bra. They can be painful at times and irritating at others. With The Front Cross Wireless BRA, you can put all your other bras right in the garbage because you will never look back.

This bra is designed to prevent any underarm and back bulging you’d get from a regular bra. For women who are over weight this can be quite embarrassing and is cause by the band of your bra being too tight.

However, thinner women sometimes deal with this issue too, it all depends on the bra itself. With this bra though, it has wider sides and a wider back to smooth out bulges under your shirt. Another pesky problem traditional bras cause is bra lines.

When you wear a fitted shirt, and depending on the material, your bra lines can be very visible. With this bras sleek bandless design you never have to worry about those visible lines again.

Woman are always setting out to lose or gain weight, it is just something we deal with. When you do change your weight you tend to have to change your clothes as well, adjusting the size and all.

Well a bra works the same way, some women’s cup size can shrink or grow when their weight changes, leaving them needing a new bra. Well, if you are a woman who’s weight fluctuates more then you’d like, this bra is perfect for you.

No more spending tons of money on bras that may or may not fit you much longer. This bra is guaranteed to shape itself to your shape no matter how much weight is gained or lost.

The Front Cross Wireless BRA  User Reviews

It’s about time someone got it right. I love my Front Cross Wireless BRA. I wear it to work, to the gym, as a camisole. I even wear it to bed it’s that comfortable. It’s so smooth it fits like a second skin. How refreshing to be able to go out and not spend half my time tugging at my bra. The bra has no seams so there are no lines under your clothing and the straps aren’t adjustable so you don’t have the bumps on your shoulders. And the straps don’t slip! I don’t think I’ve ever worn a bra and had the straps not slip. I finally feel like I’ve made a smart investment in my lingerie.

front cross side buckle wireless lace bra

I’m a full busted woman so I was a little skeptical that this bra would give me the support I need but I was thrilled to discover that the front cross side buckle wireless lace bra lived up to all the hype. It’s machine washable and dryer friendly so they’re easy to care for. The nylon and spandex hold the bra’s shape so it doesn’t lose elasticity. I was a little concerned about having to pull the bra over my head since I’m full figured but it went on effortlessly. Because it gives full coverage support and is seamless I feel like it makes me look slimmer. I never thought I’d be able to wear a bra with no underwire but here I am. You can tell that this bra was designed by a women because it eliminates all of the problems I’ve ever had with a bra. Thank you Rhonda Shear!

If you watch Oprah you know that most women are walking around wearing the wrong size bra. Truthfully I’m surprised that Oprah didn’t name the Front Cross Wireless BRA as one of her “favorite things.” This bra is amazing. Why do most women wear the wrong size bra? Because bras are expensive, because it’s easier to wear the wrong size rather than continue to try on bras when they all seem to poke and slip and bind. Because we’re busy and someone should be smart enough to make a bra that actually fits properly… and now someone has.

The Front Cross Wireless BRA is made of 96% spandex and 4% nylon so it holds its shape. The bra stretches where it needs to and holds firm where it needs to. The bra gives you full coverage so you don’t hang out of the top and it doesn’t give you that unsightly “muffin top” that most bras do. It also doesn’t accentuate any “back fat” because it’s seamless so it doesn’t create lines or bind. Even under a tight fitting t shirt you really can’t tell you’ve got a bra on yet you’ve got all of the support you need in a bra.

I think one of the things I like most, aside from the fit, is that it comes in so many different colors that it works with almost everything in my wardrobe. And the bras are nice enough that you can wear it under a low cut T-shirt to give you extra coverage or under a lace or shear top as a camisole. It’s really a versatile undergarment. I’ve worn mine as a bra, as a camisole, as a workout bra and to bed. It hard to believe that such a comfortable bra can give you this much support but it does. I would recommend this bra to anyone who is tired of fighting the bra blues.

Awesome bra! The V neck and ruching give your breasts shape but the V isn’t too low so it still gives you full coverage. The spandex and nylon give you the support you need without binding and cutting. It’s the best bra I’ve ever bought. No more trips to the high end lingerie stores and no more expensive bras. It’s the Front Cross Wireless BRA for me from now on.

The Front Cross Wireless BRA is the best purchase I’ve made all year. Before the Front Cross Wireless BRA I had a drawer full of bras that made me so miserable I never wore them. I was resigned to wear my ugly sports bras under all of my clothes and had all but given up finding a bra that actually fit without consistently jabbing me. Then I saw the commercial for the Front Cross Wireless BRA and it seemed like the answer to my prayers. But as we know, anything can look good on TV…so how did the Front Cross Wireless BRA do in real life? Amazing is all I can say. It’s comfortable, it gives you support, it looks nice and it’s reasonably priced. If I hadn’t tried it I wouldn’t have believed it. Now I recommend the Front Cross Wireless BRA to everyone!