Walgreens pharmacy Hours:Yes It’s A legit pharmacy

Walgreens pharmacy Open Hours

Address: 252 W Morthland Dr, Valparaiso, IN 46383, USA
Monday 9am–9pm
Tuesday 9am–9pm
Wednesday 9am–9pm
Thursday 9am–9pm
Friday 9am–9pm
Saturday 9am–5pm
Sunday 10am–6pm
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Phone: +1 219-464-9776


Walgreens pharmacy Hours is the world’s second largest company in United States. It’s an American company that functions as a pharmacy store chain. It not only provides health information, but also works on filling prescriptions, specializes in health and wellness products and lastly provides photo services. Walgreens pharmacy Hours initially began as a drug store in 1901, in Chicago. Walgreens, as it is called, is under the name of its founder’s last name, Charles Rudolph Walgreen. It expanded from a drug store to many stores, initially in Chicago and then to other states as well like Missouri, Minnesota and Wisconsin. When Charles Walgreen died, his son took over the charge of all its store, but during his son’s time, Walgreen did not expand as much as it did in its early times.

Currently Walgreen pharmacy has made its way through the internet as well. Not just they created their own website but also remembered their mobile users and invented their own mobile application so people could use it through their tablets, cellphones and various other devices.

 Registering to Walgreens pharmacy

Just like any other online store you’ve been using, Walgreen pharmacy also requires making your own account to purchase products. It’s very simple and easy. Following just a few steps will help you out.

Firstly, open up your browser and search for https://www.walgreens.com/pharmacy/. As soon as this website opens, on the top right corner you will find a heading “Your account” as shown in the picture below. Click on it.

After clicking on it, you will find another subheading as “Register”. Click on it.

Next, another page will open which shows two different options to sign up. For starters, it is recommended to sign up for basic access instead for Rx access, as basic access requires less information and is also faster.

Now, all you need to do is fill in all the necessary information required. Don’t fill in incorrect information as it will sooner or later block your account. After you are done filling in your information, agree to terms and conditions and click “submit”. Remember! If you don’t agree to terms and condition you won’t find “submit” at the bottom of the page. It’s necessary to agree to the terms.

You will receive a verification email by Walgreens pharmacy. Verify your account and sign in. In case you forget your password or username anytime while signing in, you can reset it easily through answering some security questions or through your email.

Once a member of Walgreens pharmacy, you have access to everything available on website. You will also receive messages regarding new updates and offers and many pharmacy alerts.

Health is your wealth

One thing which you cannot compromise on is your health. Walgreens take responsibility to make you feel better and give you relief. It provides you with health information and services, so take charge of your family’s health with Walgreens care connect. It consists of health care devices, like inhaler sensor, which make it easier for you and your doctor to keep a track of your family’s medication and even get health alerts sent directly to your smartphones. How to use it? Very easy. Simply purchase it on the website, and attach it to your inhaler. It is clinically proven to help people with asthma and COPD and keep a check on them.

Not feeling well? No problem at all. Walgreens pharmacy offers a proper schedule planner online so you can easily book your appointment and be seen by professional health care providers to feel better. Further, it also accepts Medicaid. Medicaid is actually a government medical health care which is eligible to only low income adults and children and also to pregnant women and people with disabilities. Moreover you can also talk to a health expert online. So create a healthier lifestyle by availing these services, all available on this website.

Beautify yourself

Want to get that beautiful and glowing skin? Walgreens takes care of it all. It not only provides beauty products but also offers personal care items to purchase. It has a wide variety of cosmetics to choose from including, eye care, lipsticks, face products, beauty brushes, blenders and a lot more. Almost all sorts of brands are available on this website. Other than that, you can also find oral care products of different sorts. Fragrances of various brands, men and women both, are another item you can easily look for and get. The right scent will enhance your mood. Furthermore, it also offers air fresheners so if you want to ensure that your home always smells fresh and inviting take control of how your home smells with a wide range of unique fragrances. For people with any sorts of allergy and sensitivity, variety of organic products are also offered on the website. Furthermore, this website also provides a wide variety of hair products including shampoos, hair conditioner, multifarious types of hair oil, serums etc. clothing and shoe care items are also easily available on this website.

Interior design

Design is an attitude and it creates culture. Walgreens pharmacy provides you with all of the basic home essentials. It can help you enhance the style of each room of your house, which includes your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room as well. It carries a wide range of essentials and specialty of all products related to house hold. So get all your household needs on this website. Variety includes, bed and baths products, kitchen essentials, home appliances of all sorts, laundry, cleaning equipment and also schools and offices supply. Surprisingly, Walgreens did not forget their pet lovers. Yes! It also has various pets’ essentials to choose from. Furthermore Walgreens also stock up on things you need for your business trip or vacations. It has many travel products and accessories and wide selection of options that you can buy online and get on your doorstep. Moreover, it also has supplies for your regular parties.

Photo style

Freezing a moment by taking an image shows how full of color the reality truly is, and yet again Walgreens managed to take care of it. By just registering into Walgreens, you can customize your photos. It offers a wide collections of photo books with so many options to select from. So create your beautiful story of customizable photos, turn your best moments into a holiday page turner and make that sweetest book for you shelf. Not just this, you can also create cards for festivals with your photos pasted on it. So cherish your holiday spirit with wide variety of greetings and turn your memorable picture of the year into a photo card. Other than all this, Walgreens also stock up on canvas and décor, so you can transform you picture into a charming work of art. Paste your pictures on pillows and lamp shades and gift them to your loved ones. You can also create posters for wall art and put them on your wall to give your room a wonderful look. Walgreens provides with many deals with special discounts and offers. Check out the website to avail them.


Walgreens pharmacy provides multiple products at a single platform, be it pharmaceutical products or nutrition. From beautification products to fitness products this single stage is the solution for your many headaches. Walgreens intends to treat their customers with utmost dedication. Their outline of services claims to entertain each user with a helping attitude. The quality and quantity of products is never compromised which makes them completely reliable. Thus they have a respectable repute in the competent market